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My Family

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Tip My Hat to 2013

I have started making it a tradition in my blog world to write a post about the special moments in my life throughout the previous here it is!
If you want to see 2011 - click here!
If you want to see 2012 - click here!
We had some amazing moments in 2013 and it makes me even more excited for 2014! *Click on any of the colored text to see that blog post!*

We went on a cruise with my mom's side of the family. It was Trevor's first time to go on a cruise and we had an amazing time. We got to spend time with family and we also had some time to ourselves!
I blogged about that and you can see that here!

I went to visit my best friend in the world - Nichole - in Atlanta! We had such a fun girls trip! Read about it here!

For my birthday we always take a trip somewhere...this year we decided to go to Fort Worth with our neighbors Randy and Cassie. Cassie's Birthday is the day before mine so we had a great weekend celebration! Click here to read about our Birthdays and Bruised Tailbones!

For Trevor's birthday we had a "man day." We had plans to go fishing and shooting, but we only had time for the shooting! It was my first time to shoot and we had a great day! Our friend Katy even got to hang out with can read all about it here!

We made a couple lake trips in May and they were both really fun! At the beginning of the month, we went on a houseboat trip and then at the end of the month we went to Lake Tenkiller for Memorial Day Weekend!

This might have been my favorite month! Trevor and I made a trip to South Carolina and it was AMAZING!! We visited a lot of Trevor's family and we made it our "anniversary trip!" It was probably my favorite vacation I have ever been on! Each place we visited was such an experience, I have a blog post for each one! :)
Francis Marion National Forest
Charleston/ Mt. Pleasant/ Isle of Palms
Myrtle Beach

Summers are always jam packed with fun and July was no different! Three really exciting and fun things happened in July and here they are!
First up 4th of July! We went to OKC to hang out with our friends!
Then, one of my amazing friends and Little in the sorority got married to her high school sweetheart which is one of Trevor's great friends! Such a great weekend!!

To wrap up July, I was asked to teach at a performing arts summer camp and I had the best about it here!

Whiskey turned one!! We even threw him a little Birthday Party!!

Trevor and I ran our first 5K in September and it was such a great experience! I may even run another in my lifetime! :)

Trevor and I have separate highlights in October because we took separate trips! Trevor went to Canada for hunting and I went to DC to visit my brother! Both of us had amazing times on our vacations!

Trevor and I made a trip to Austin, TX with some friends for the OSU game...thankfully we got to go to the game and OSU WON!

I had so much fun on our snow days! This was my first time to have snow days as a teacher and I probably had more fun now then when I was a kid!

2013 was a fantastic year and I'm excited to see what 2014 has! In the blog world I had some great posts that seem to spark some interest on are my top viewed blog posts from the year!
3. Integer Activity - this is definitely a teacher post
2. Back to School - obviously another teacher post
1. My New Burlap Curtains - here is a DIY post - I absolutely LOVE my curtains!

HAVE A SAFE NEW YEARS!!! We are headed to the Stoney LaRue concert!

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