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My Family

Monday, July 1, 2013

SC Trip: Beaufort

On Sunday morning we got up, got ready and had some breakfast with Sidney and Jenny Max; a delicious fruit breakfast! We then headed to Beaufort for the start of Day 2. One of my very best friends from middle school moved to South Carolina while I was in college. When she comes back to Tulsa to visit we always make it a point to try and get together and catch up. There really is nothing like a life long friend!! Since Trevor and I were near where Carlee and her family live (Bluffton-which is just south of Beaufort) we decided to meet them for some lunch. Trevor and I got there a bit early and just walked around the beautiful park and the antique/historical shops. There was definitely a lot of history there, but we weren't in the reading mood, so I can't really tell you anything that happened there. Here are a few pictures of the park by the water.

Things are just so well preserved and beautiful in SC.

We then met up with Carlee and Travis and their two cuties, Claira and Lewis and had lunch at Q on Bay. Most of us had a brisket potato and I can't remember what Trevor ordered. It was a great lunch, but the company made it even better! After we ate we walked around a bit and got the kids some ice cream and then went to the play ground. Funny story, as Claira and Lewis were playing, Lewis ended up pooing his pants and then slide down the slide. I'm sure you get the picture here and it was a bit brown! I had just mentioned to Trevor how cute they were and that kids weren't too much timing was a bit off with Lewis' little incident! Haha! We had a great time catching up and playing with the kiddos!

Friends since 6th grade...rebels since 9th!! :)
Carlee and Travis, THANK YOU for meeting up with us!! I'm so glad we got to hang out for a bit! I sure do miss you all!

Since we saw most of Beaufort early in the day we decided to head to Charleston, SC for the rest of Day 2!
Fun fact: on our way to Charleston, we saw the house that Forest Gump grew up in with his mom- remember the scene where he's running...that's the long road that we saw! So cool!!

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