My Family

My Family

Monday, December 23, 2013

Morris Family Christmas

Trevor and I are notorious for giving each other gifts we couldn't break tradition this year. Plus, last year we were so busy running from one family to the next that we never really took time to enjoy Christmas together just the two of us...and the pups! So we decided to do our family Christmas this past Saturday. We woke up late...I mean, I think it's the latest we have slept in all year! We made some waffles for breakfast and then watched a movie. We rented We're the Millers the night before, so we decided to watch that in the afternoon. We bought some Omaha Steaks awhile back (thanks for the gift card Katy!!), so we wanted to cook a good steak meal! We made them in our broiler for the first time and it turned out great! We also made delicious bacon wrapped asparagus and our favorite- mac and cheese! It was an amazing meal!

Then we opened our gifts! We actually already gave each other our big gifts (surprise surprise), so we really just had small things to give each other. Our big gifts were a yeti cooler (for Trevor) and a new laptop (for me). Trevor has been wanting this cooler for years, so I finally saved up and bought him one! Then I decided to give it to him in October since he wanted to take it on his trip to Canada. And the reason I got a laptop was because ours kind of died in November, so Trevor got me a new one since I need it for work. 

Trevor's gifts! 
My gifts!! Please notice the one on the left wrapped in a birthday bag! Haha! I'm just surprised they were even wrapped! Trevor has only wrapped about 3 gifts in his life and they are all sitting right there!!

We of course got the pups a little something and they were so excited!!!!

It has been so pretty outside with this ice storm...I know it's sad when the trees break and things, but the ice makes everything look really neat! 

To wrap up our Christmas weekend, we went to the Christmas service at Lifechurch and of course when there is a photo opt, I take advantage! 

We ended our fabulous relaxing weekend with some hot chocolate!

We are looking forward to spending the holiday with family!! We are fortunate that we get to see all our family members at least for a little while this week. 


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