My Family

My Family

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Welcome Baby Waylon!!!

This week Trevor and I became Aunt and Uncle x2! Trevor's brother and his wife welcomed a new little guy into the world, Waylon John Morris!! He is just adorable!! Trevor and I were not able to be there when he was born, but we have seen several pictures. He was born on Monday, June 17th and he was 6 lbs 10 oz & 18 3/4 inches. (Thanks Crystal, I stole that from your Facebook page). Here are the few pictures we have seen...
daddy and baby!

I just LOVE this picture!!
I couldn't forget to post a picture of this little cutie!...

Big brother, Wyatt!!!
Congrats Crystal and Austin!! We are so happy for you and we can't wait to meet baby Waylon! I'm offering my babysitting skills when you are in town!! :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Friendship, Shopping and Pedi's

Recently I got to hang out with an AMAZING friend of mine! Trevor was out of town so I decided to make a little trip to OKC to visit my friend Meredith! We honestly hadn't seen each other in about a year and even then we only got to chat for about an this was a MUCH NEEDED visit! Meredith is one of my dear friends from college and was a bridesmaid in my wedding...
a night back in college

before our rehearsal dinner

at my wedding
Just to give you a little history, Meredith and I went to same high school but never knew each other. We met each other our freshman year of college in a Poli Sci class. We instantly bonded for our love of talking!! haha! But really, we can both talk to a brick wall and have no problem with the wall not talking back! During our senior year is when we really started hanging out all the time. We would have wii and wine nights (it's exactly what it sounds like) or we would go out to El Tap in Stillwater and chat! Meredith was literally my saving grace my last semester in college when I was student teaching. I had a terrible experience and no matter how many times I called Meredith to gripe about the same thing, she was always there to listen and talk to me! Half the time she would drive over to my house and we would go on a walk (and of course talk)!

Anyway, back to hanging out this week...I went to OKC and we had an all around girls day! First up, lunch at Alfredo's Mexican Restaurant - which was delicious! Next up, we went and got Pedi's! This was much needed (a girls day really is not complete without getting a mani or pedi). Fun fact: while getting a pedicure, Russell Westbrook walks in the salon to get a pedi too!! Apparently, real men get Pedi's! ;) At least, this is what I'll tell Trevor next time I want him to go with me!
Here is my total creeper shot of him:
After our salon date, we went over to the mall to do some shopping! We did pretty good, however, we are bad influences on each other. When one of us would find something we really liked the other would say "oh just get it!" The good news is, we only let each other shop in the clearance items! So, we did good! After shopping we went to dinner at BJ's and I finally got to meet Meredith's boyfriend Connoly! We had a great dinner just chatting! We went to Redbox to get a scary movie, but we ended up not watching it because we couldn't get things to work right. That night we stayed at Meredith's brother's house because she was house sitting for him and his wife. We ended up staying up really late just chatting about life! Of everything we did that day, the best part was just talking. Meredith is such an inspiring person. I definitely opened up to her about things that had been on my mind and she had such good words to share that were really encouraging. Nothing beats a great friend! One of things we talked about was a book called Jesus Calling
Just since talking to her, I have seen this book on pinterest and on the TV. We even read a little that night and it really made me want to go and buy it! I plan to do that tomorrow- so I will let you know more when I have read a bit more. The review that I consistently hear about this book is "I feel like it was written just for me." Can it get much better than that? So I am anxious to jump in and read it!

Overall, I had a WONDERFUL time with an AMAZING friend!!!
Of course, we couldn't make it through a night without getting at least one photo together!!

New Layout

It's about time!!!

Since I started blogging back in July of 2011 ('s almost been 2 years!!) I have had the same layout and design. I also have never changed our bio or updated any of the main photos along the right hand side. I started feeling bad when I noticed there was no photo or mention of Whiskey! So needless to say, it was time for an update! I'm loving the new colors!!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nothing a Little Organization & Paint Can't Help

With it being summer, I am always looking for projects to do around the house to keep myself occupied. Other than my normal workout on the elliptical in the morning and laying out by the pool in the afternoon, there is a lot of time in a day! I was watching The Pioneer Woman one day and she goes to her pantry and pulls out a basket full of the items that she is going to use on the recipe she is about to prepare...and that's when an idea sparked in my head! *I want to organize my pantry with baskets and maybe even label the baskets with whatever contents are in them* Yes, I know...I'm a bit of an organization freak! You can blame it on the teacher in me or maybe I was born with it! :)
So my hunt for baskets began! And let me tell you...they are not cheap! Plus, I needed about 15 baskets, so I wanted them to match for the most part. I ended up finding them at Gordman's because they had a lot of the same type of baskets and they were relatively cheap.
Here is a before and after photo!
Here are a few more detailed pics!...
In the process!!!

I love my baskets...
I then decided that I wanted to spice up the pantry a bit with a pop of color! I've been decorating more with a teal color, so I went to Sherwin Williams (since I had a 30% off coupon) and bought a fun color!!
Here it is all nice and finished!!!

I just love my new fun pantry!! Maybe I'll be a little more daring next time and paint something that someone other than me and Trevor might see when they come to my house! I haven't decided if I want to get labels yet. Right now I like it just how it is! :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2nd Anniversary

Where has the time gone!! I can't believe that Trevor and I just celebrated our 2nd Anniversary! Here are a few pictures of our amazing day 2 years ago!

Last year I posted about our 1st anniversary and you can view that here if you are interested! We had just moved into our home last year, so we just wanted to have a relaxing evening at home!
We kind of wanted the same thing this year. At the end of June we are taking a trip and we are calling that our "anniversary trip" so we had a nice relaxing evening last night. First up, awhile back I decided that I wanted to make a cake for our anniversary. My friend, Andrea, makes awesome cakes, so I asked if she would help me! Although she did most of the work, I did help a little and it turned out amazing! Since we were going to have a nice evening at home, I decided to make a dinner from the Pioneer Woman cook book- Spicy Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork. For our side item, we made herb roasted sweet potatoes. Everything was absolutely amazing! After dinner we decided to have a little competition, so we played some darts and foosball- and since I didn't beat Trevor at either of those, we whipped out the Wii! I still didn't have much luck, but it was a great evening! We decided a few weeks ago that we were going to make some personal and relationship goals that we would like to accomplish this year. The catch is, we are not going to share them with each other until our next anniversary and at that time we will see if we accomplished any. We were planning on finalizing that last night, but we forgot...we also forgot to watch our wedding our anniversary is going to be continuing this evening! :) I'm not complaining!
Here are a few pics of last night!
Celebratory champagne in our personalized wedding glasses!!
Dinner before

yummy meal!
Our AMAZING Anniversary cake!!


Happy Anniversary babe!!! You are an amazing husband, supporter and friend! I love you more with each day that passes!!!

Love and be happy, be loved and be happier!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

You and Me Goin Fishin in the Dark

No, not really! But we were fishing in the daylight!
Since I was the only one to catch a fish on Memorial Day weekend I was anxious to see if I could do it again; so this weekend we went fishing on Trevor's grandma's pond. We had a couple friends in town staying with us for a wedding, so we decided to fish during the day and then get ready for the wedding. Whiskey, of course, came with us because he just LOVES the water!
Just swimming! He kept swimming right where we were fishing, so he got caught in our lines a few times!

Bullock fishing...

Trevor and Whiskey
Trevor and I were the only ones to actually catch a fish. *I guess my luck is still going strong!* We had a little bet going with whoever caught the biggest fish, which was me, but I was nice and didn't make the boys suffer! :)
a little perch

So excited!! It was a smallmouth bass.

Enjoying the sunshine!
If you can see the little white dot in the water...that is Whiskey! He saw Gabe across the pond and decided to swim across. Needless to say, he was a little tuckered out at the end of the day!

After fishing, boys will be boys and they went searching for critters to shoot! I stayed in the car for this and I was sure glad I did because they all came back with ticks all over them!! They were pulling ticks off of themselves the rest of the evening!!
That evening, we were attending a good friends wedding! Congrats to Samy and Brandon Jones!!! We had an amazing time celebrating with you on such a special day in your lives! Here are a few photos of the evening!
I just love this man!!!

Friends: Trevor, Rhett and Bullock

Such a beautiful lady inside and out!!! :)

Love these people!!! Burdge, Trevor, Schemmer, Rhett, me, Amy, Riley, Neafus and Schuylar
 What a fun weekend and a great way to kick off my summer break!!! I am just so excited for what this summer has to offer!!! We just love our friends!!!!