My Family

My Family

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The First of Many...

As many of you know we are in the process of building a house. We have had everything picked out for awhile now, but we have been postponing actually building because Trevor wanted to be completely done with busy season before they started so he could take an active role in helping with some of the things we want to do to the house.
Well they finally started! (Hallelujah!)
They officially started March 6 and are coming along rather quickly!

First day - they had the footings poured.

Day 3 - they set the boards up for the foundation

Next up, they poured the foundation!
This shot up in one day!

Walking around in our new home! ;)
This picture was taken this afternoon!
They have done so much in less than 2 weeks! It makes us so excited for it to be done and us to start our lives together in our new home!! Like the title has implied, this is probably the first of many updates on our house!! We have actually met quite a few neighbors and they all seem so nice, which makes it even more exciting, knowing we are living by some great people!

On a side note, my Spring Break officially started on Friday at 2:35! I'm so excited to sleep in this week, make a little trip to Branson to see some amazing friends, and to relax! Trevor is taking off Friday so we can have an extended weekend together! Life is just wonderful and we are excited for our new adventures! 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

IKEA extravaganza

So as mentioned in the previous blog post, Trevor and I were first timers at IKEA last weekend. Our first time in the store was on Saturday and it definitely took us a few hours to walk through and look at everything. We were really hesitant to pick anything up because we didn't want to have to carry it around, not knowing how much of the store we had we just kept walking. By the end of it all, we had picked up a rug and a couple things for my classroom. Don't get me wrong, there were a million and one things that I wanted to get, but we kept talking ourselves out of it saying that we won't be in our house for a few months, we shouldn't buy anything yet, where are we going to store it, what if it doesn't fit where we want it to go...blah blah blah.
But here is the rug we got...we got the green one.
We were pretty well exhausted when we got out of the store, but we decided to visit a few more stores in the area. So we went to lunch to rejuvenate and then started shopping again. After visiting 3 or so more stores we realized that IKEA really does have the best deals for what we are looking for. We didn't want to go back to IKEA that day because we were a little tired of shopping, plus we were in a hurry to get to our hotel to get ready for the evening. So we decided to sleep on everything and then go back the next day before heading out of town to pick up a few more items.

Well, a few more items became a truck load!!!
We ended up getting an entire entertainment center
a little take for our entry hall. Although it is white in this picture, we got the black/brown colored.
a couple mirrors...a 7 foot one for our bedroom (pictured below) and a circular one for our kitchen area that I did not get a picture of.
We also got several decor items that I did not get pictures of and some lighting.

Overall, we had a great experience at IKEA....I don't think they husband knew what we were in for when we walked in this store! ;)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Getaway!

I had the BEST weekend!!!! Not only was it my birthday, but I have the best husband who planned an amazing weekend for me! Also, since busy season is officially OVER, this is the first week we actually got to hang out together after we both got off our little weekend getaway was much needed! We both took off work on Friday so we could get an early start to the weekend! We woke up late and then started getting ready. When I was in the shower, my sweet husband ran a little errand and went and got me my favorite breakfast! Donuts!!!
Isn't this the cutest donut!!!! I'm not going to read into the fact that my husband bought me a bone shaped donut! haha!
Next up, we headed to Dallas! On the way there we stopped at an outlet mall and went favorite purchase...
They are so comfy!
Next up, we checked into our bed and breakfast! We have had a few friends stay at B&B's and they said it was a lot of fun, so we decided to try something new and check one out! Since Trevor and I haven't spent much quality time together lately, the B&B was my birthday present! We chose the lodge themed room and here are a couple pics...

Yes, that is camo wallpaper!! haha!

After checking in, we went and grabbed some dinner. The B&B was located by the old Main Street in Irving Texas, so we went to a little hole in the wall place called Villas Grill and it was DELICIOUS!!
The next morning they brought up breakfast in bed! They brought us eggs, bacon, toast, bagels, fruit, yogurt, coffee, orange juice....a whole lot of great stuff!!!!

Overall, I highly recommend checking out a B&B! We had a great experience. It was fun and unique!

The next morning we hit up IKEA for some house shopping!
This deserves it's own blog in you will have to wait and hear about the IKEA details later! ;)

After we went to IKEA and a couple other furniture stores we decided to eat some lunch...not so funny story: We drove around and found a couple restaurants that we also had in Tulsa and we were really wanting something new or something we don't have at went to a place called 3rd Base Sports Pub. For those of you who are familiar with this restaurant, you are probably laughing at me right now. It was basically like a hooters; and yes, this is where my husband decided to take me to eat on my birthday!

After we ate lunch we went and checked into the hotel that we got engaged in 2 years ago! This actually wasn't planned...hotwire knew what was up when they placed us at this hotel! ;)

After we got all ready we went and met up with some friends for dinner and drinks. For dinner we ended up going to Chuys....we just got one of these in Tulsa and I have been anxious to try it, so Trevor surprised me and we all went there for dinner. I'm usually really good at taking lots of pictures to document the evening, but I have really been slacking lately and these are the only pictures I got.

We had such a great weekend with amazing friends!! Thank you to all our friends who took party in celebrating!!!