My Family

My Family

Saturday, December 7, 2013


My first snowday as a teacher was Friday and I have to say, I was pretty excited!! On Thursday we battled the snow to get dinner at Hideaway Pizza with our neighbors and then we hung out for a bit at our house. I honestly think I fell asleep earlier than I do on work days! Haha! 
The next morning we slept in and made waffles and hot chocolate for breakfast! Yum!! Here are a couple pictures of our yard and the pups!

Winston loves to RUN!! 

Trevor had to work for a bit, so I got on the elliptical and watched The Sound of Music since I couldn't watch it the night before. 

Since it was a snow day we had to get out and play a bit. We thought about sledding, but we didn't have anything to sled on. So, we decided to get bundled up and take the dogs on a walk!!
We didn't make it but two blocks from our house...then we turned around! 

His little face after playing!! It takes awhile to get all the ice out of his hair!! 

I absolutely LOVE the snow!!! 

That night was Trevor's work Christmas we got all dressed up and headed to the Jazz Depot downtown. 
We had a delicious dinner and ended the night playing blackjack! 
Such a fun day!!! 

As of now, Trevor is off to Stillwater to go to the game and I will be watching it from the comfort of my couch!! 

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