My Family

My Family

Monday, November 21, 2011

Great Saturday Night

On Saturday after I took the test I mentioned last time, one of my best friends in the world came in town, Nichole! We met and had lunch at Olive Garden with another friend and then we came back to my house and got ready for a pledge sister's wedding! We had such a great time. The wedding was so elegant and the reception was a lot of fun with some great dancing!
The three of us...just like ole' times! ;)

What a pretty cake!
I keep seeing these tree things for centerpieces and I love them!!

With the lovely Bride and Groom

All the single ladies...since I'm not in this category anymore, I was snapping pictures! ;)

My handsome date!!
We had such a great time and got to chat with a lots of friends we hadn't seen in awhile!

Congrats to Shrease and Brandon!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm back!

I feel like I have fallen off the blog world this past week! I have been extremely busy! Most the of the exciting news that has been going on this past week I will have to share later, because nothing is official yet...but I am definitely excited for the next upcoming months!

This past week I have been busy studying...yes, studying!
There is a great opportunity waiting for me if I am able to pass this test that I took yesterday morning...hence being away from the internet for a couple days! When I know more, I will share more details, but for now, this is all the information I can give!

After the test, we have a wonderful evening with amazing friends that I will have to blog about later! Hope you all have a great Sunday Funday!!! ;) I'll try not to wait so long to blog again next schedule is pretty free now!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Living on Tulsa Time

I moved back to Tulsa a week and a day ago and there hasn't been a dull moment yet. From getting everything moved in to organizing all our stuff, hanging out with friends and just enjoying life, I haven't  been bored yet!

For starters, right when I finished up with work last Saturday, I was rushing out to get to Stillwater to enjoy the last bit of Homecoming. I was so excited to get there becacuse my brother was in town and I haven't seen him since the wedding! Here are a couple pics from homecoming weekend!

This past weekend Trevor and Bullock talked me into going hunting with them in Stillwater! Last year I went and it was the worst conditions possible...but I didn't complain. Last year it was literally 9 degrees outside and the wind was blowing about 25 mph! It was crazy! Plus, they didn't have any good shoes that I could wear, so I had to wear my rain boots which really don't have any insulation. I got a little too cold, so I went back to the truck a little early and I fell asleep with the key turned backwards in the ignition and I ended up killing the car so we had to have someone come jumpstart the car! Not the best experience when you are freezing! But we made it and I did have a good time, so I decided to go again this year. It was opening day and quite warm outside, so I decided that would be a little better than last year since I froze then. We didn't end up shooting anything, but it was still an adventure!

Trevor wants to buy me better pants and shoes for hunting for Christmas...I'm thinking I don't want to waste Christmas presents on hunting gear! haha!

That night we went to one of Trevor's co-workers wedding and then went out for a friend's birthday party! We were definitely exhausted by the end of the day because we got up at 4 am for hunting, but we still had a great time!

Such a great time with great friends!!!

Have a fabulous week!! And try and stay out of the rain!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Trick or Treat*Smell my Feet!

To start off my last week in Branson my wonderful husband sent me the most beautiful flowers just to say "I hope you had a wonderful season!" My favorite color is purple, so he definitely did good!! I am one lucky lady!

On my last night in Branson, we decided to get in the Halloween spirit and dress up. We went to see an 80's cover rock band called "Member's Only" and they were awesome!! We had a blast! I could not have asked for a better last night with my wonderful Branson friends!!!

We definitely danced the night away!!! These are some of the best people I have ever met in my life and I will miss seeing them everyday...but Trevor and I already have a date set to go back and visit!!! I can't wait!

We had a great last day! We ordered delicious pizza for lunch and finished the season strong!

Now I am "Livin' on Tulsa time!" This week has been great and I am so excited for all the new adventures that life has in store for me!

I hope everyone has a HAPPY SATURDAY!!! We have a busy evening, but we will be cheering on the pokes as they *hopefully* win against K-State!