My Family

My Family

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby Showers, Lake Trips, House Stuff, Oh My!

We haven't had just one exciting thing happen lately that required it's own special blog, so here is a compiled list of things happening in our lives.
First up is a little sneak peak of some of my favorite things about our new home! You will just have to come over to see the rest...
This is in our entry hall...the Morris sign was a wedding gift from a very sweet friend. (Thanks Caitlin) The sunflowers were actually part of our centerpieces at our wedding reception. It just makes me happy when I walk through the door everyday. 

My little collage wall...our family and friends play such important roles in our lives and it is great getting to feature those that we love in our home.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my curtains. Curtains are something I searched high and low for. My mom ended up finding these hidden gems at bed bath and beyond (love that place!).

I absolutely love being a homeowner...and I am having just too much fun decorating!
A couple weekends ago we were invited to a baby was probably the best baby shower I have ever been too. They invited all their friends (guys and girls) and hosted a little lunch for everyone. Then the girls stayed in the cabin and opened gifts while the boys went outside and did "man things" as I like to say. The boys all brought their shotguns and hung out and shot skeet. It was such a unique way to include everyone. I only took one picture the entire is me with the beautiful mommy to be!
This past weekend we ended up going to the lake with some friends. When we go to the lake with Trevor's family we almost always go to Lake Tenkiller and we camp on an island that is about a 10 minute boat ride from Strayhorn Marina. Here are some fun pictures from the weekend.
Here is where we camped and cooked

Trevor and I in our matching shirts! ;)
Mr. Winston loves the lake!!! He has too much fun!

Our friends Vanessa and Eric
Trevor's tricks! He has grown up doing all these water sports and he is really good at all of them. Me, not so much, so I have retired to just being the photographer!

catching some air

Little Winston freaks out anytime me or Trevor jumps in the water, he will not take his eyes off you to make sure you don't drown! Such a good watch dog!
Beautiful sunset in the evening.
If you know me then you probably know I am the worlds worst camper. But Trevor continues to drag take hopefully I'll get used to it eventually like it! ;)
If you have been to our house then you know that we have a three car garage and that we are making the little garage Trevor's man cave. One of the many projects he has been working on, which will eventually require it's own special post, is a bar.
We really have done a lot of work on this little man cave. We have officially bought a new TV for our living room, so we moved our old TV in the man cave. Since I have quite a bit of time on my hands I painted one of the walls an OSU orange, and slowly but surely we are making progress.
Last but not least, Trevor was so kind and gave me my Anniversary gift this week and it was a big one! We have been needing new tires on my Jeep since about the day we bought it, so it was time to break down and make that happen. Since we bought it, I have always wanted to get a little bit larger tire on it. I'm not one to go off-roading nor do I really NEED bigger tires, but I just like the look a little better when they have over sized tires on them. Since my Jeep just had the standard tires on them, we have to do a little extra work and get spacers put on the Jeep to raise it up a little and then we got larger tires on it. So this was my Anniversary gift and I could not be more happy! Here are some before and after pics! ;)
Here is the Jeep after we bought it...

My Golden Goddess all prettied up! ;)
Life is good!!! Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, June 4, 2012


June 4 is one special day in my is the day I married my best friend!! This time last year we started a new chapter in our lives and I cannot believe how time has flown. Here are some pictures that capture our perfect day!!
Right before we saw each other for the first time

beautiful chapel

"You may kiss the bride"

First Dance

Cake cutting

Well tonight we celebrated by taking a walk with Winston, cooking dinner and enjoying our new home!! We also went and bought a dart board...Trevor is putting that together as I am writing this. ;)
We looked up some recipes and thanks to "Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood" we decided on Stuffed Bell Peppers and Bacon Wrapped Asparagus...all while drinking champagne out of our amazing champagne glasses that we got as a wedding gift from a dear friend!

It was a DELICIOUS dinner!!!
We then had our topper from our wedding cake...after a year of being frozen I have to say, it was actually pretty good!!

Here is us wrapping up the evening playing some darts!

Overall it was a perfect evening with the perfect husband! I could not be happier! I am so excited to spend forever with my prince charming! ;)

Friday, June 1, 2012

One Week

So we have officially been in the house one week and I couldn't be more happy! So many people took time out of their busy schedules to come and help and we appreciate every minute of their time spent helping us! We have done so much to the house and really only have one more room to finish up. Maybe I'll post some pictures soon!

In the middle of moving we decided to go on a little getaway to the lake for Memorial Day weekend. Now if you know me, you know that I am not a big fan of camping. I wish I was because I know Trevor really enjoys it, but I just really like a clean bed, a big shower, and electricity! But I stuck it out just for him because he promised we would have a big tent to sleep in and a comfy air mattress! Well come to find out, all the air mattress pumps were out of charge and when we realized this, it was probably about can imagine my dismay! So we slept on the rocks...inside the tent of course, but it was definitely rocky!! Even Winston's paws were sore from walking on the rocks all day! Poor little guy!

Well here are a couple pictures from our weekend...all was well other than the sleeping arrangements!
Trevor jumping off cliffs

Bullock jumping off cliffs
me and Katie

Enjoying the weather with little Winston!

great friends!

fire pit
The one thing I love about camping is getting to make smores...and us girls made this happen!! It definitely made my weekend!

We had high hopes to go back home on Sunday morning and work on the house but we were so tired when we got home we took a nap instead! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend! I can't believe it's almost the weekend again! I love summertime!