My Family

My Family

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bad Luck Comes in Threes

This weekend we were hit with a string of bad luck. It all started on Thursday when we were cooking dinner. Trevor and I were both standing at our stove cooking and all of a sudden we heard a crashing noise and we noticed that my EAT wooden letters had fallen. It was one of those things that you don't notice it until it's missing, but we soon realized that there was a piece of Granite under my letters and it had fallen and broke. 
This is what it is supposed to look like: 

And as you can see the granite behind the stove fell and broke, and down went my letters! We are still wondering how we are going to fix this one!

Then, on Saturday we were cleaning out our garage since we were going to have friends over for the game. Trevor moved our ping-pong table outside while he was sweeping the floor. A gust of wind came and our ping-pong table goes flying through the air, hits our outdoor light and goes crashing to the ground in the grass. Initially, I was thinking it was a goner, but, we got really lucky and only a few easily replaceable pieces broke in the fall; our light wasn't so lucky. 
Here is what the light looks like on the opposite side...

And now it's gone. 

Lastly, Trevor was sitting in one of our outdoor chairs watching the game and his phone fell out of his pocket. It wasn't a long fall, but it must have hit just right and his screen shattered!

It would probably be best to stay away from the Morris' this week! Who knows what else will go wrong! 😩

On a different note...isn't this a cute appetizer dish! So easy to make! Bell peppers, 2 different dips, broccoli, carrots and cucumber, or whatever veggies you like! Yum!
Great for a gameday tailgate!! 

Have a great week! Hopefully our luck is looking up!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wooo Pig Sooie!

This past weekend Trevor and I took a trip with our friends, Andrew and Katie, to Arkansas. A friend of Trevor's got us tickets to the Arkansas - Bama game, and since OSU had an away game, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to take a trip and see another campus and team. Katie's dad lives near Fayetteville, so we ended up staying with him on Saturday evening.
The weather didn't exactly cooperate with us! It was raining almost the entire time, so we didn't get to tailgate much.
We went into the game shortly after it started and by the time we made it to our seats, the rain had let up a little. Thank goodness!
During the second half of the game we decided to hang out in the commons area with the Arkansas store and concessions. It was a covered area and was a little more enjoyable.
 We had a lot of fun learning the Arkansas chants and traditions!
Sadly, Arkansas did not pull out a win, but they sure were close!! It was a fun game to watch and it was neat to see another campus and stadium!

We had such a great time spending time with friends and getting to take a mini vacation! Katie's dad even made us a delicious breakfast on Sunday morning...lobster and eggs!!! Probably the most delicious breakfast I've ever had!!!
We are so fortunate to have such amazing friends! We are just loving this time in our lives!
PS-Even though we weren't at the game *PISTOLS FIRIN*

Zoo Day!!

Just like snow days, field trips are equally as fun when you are a teacher! I got to take my first field trip with 6th grade students this past Friday to the zoo! We had so much fun!! I have a high school intern this year that comes to my class everyday during 5th hour and she was also able to join us at the zoo. Plus, I had the best group of students accompanying me!

It was also "Pink Out" day at BA for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so that made it easy to keep track of all our kiddos!!
This year has honestly been amazing! I have some of the best students and I just love going to work each and every day! I hope that I am teaching them new things everyday, but I also know that they are making a difference in my life. 
Such a fun day!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014


This post is about a week late, but better late than never! I have loved being in Stillwater every weekend! It definitely makes the weekend fly by a little too fast, but it's so much fun being in the tailgating environment! Here are some fun photos from last weekend vs Iowa State!
Perfect photo op!

The tuba players even came to serenade us! 
We were so excited for our Party Pics!! Well, I was excited anyway! 

I'm so glad we pulled together for another win!! Great day to be a cowboy!