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My Family

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Houseboat Trip 2013

This past weekend a group of 10 of us took a little trip to Lake Ouachita in Arkansas. We booked the trip several months in advance, so we were a little disappointed to find out that the weather was not going to be on our side for a lake trip. But with the group of people that went, there was never a dull we still had a great time!! Since we were going to be on a boat for an entire weekend, Trevor decided he was going to be head chef! So the day before we left, Trevor and I made a trip to Walmart and bought a TON of food!

On the trip there, Bullock forgot about his Redbull on the roof of his car!

Here is a sneak peak of the boat...

on the top deck

kitchen and hallway

our little room

another room

Please notice Bullock's boots hanging....I think he fell in the water pretty early on!

We were all a little nervous prior to arriving about how nice this boat really was (sorry for doubting you Bullock), but I have to say, we were all pretty impressed! There were 4 little rooms with double beds in each, plus a pull out couch in the living room (easily sleeps 10). There were two bathrooms and showers, a living room with a TV (where we Thundered Up a lot!), you could drive the boat from inside or up top on the outside, and the best part was a hot tub on the top deck! Since it was pretty cold outside, we really didn't get out much except to get in the hot tub. But here are some fun pics from the weekend!

head chef

hot tub time!

was this before or after you lost your phone???

this seemed to be a common problem in the rocks!

i just love him!

it was a little dark, so he busted out the head light!

last day on the boat!!
Thanks for booking the trip Captain Bullock!
We had an awesome time! If you are ever looking to rent a houseboat that's decently priced, definintely look into Dream Chasers on Lake Ouachita! To everyone that went on the trip...that's for making it a memorable weekend!! :)

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