My Family

My Family

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend in Austin

This past weekend we made a road trip to support our Cowboys! Trevor and I had never been to Austin, so we were excited to go! A friend of mine found tickets to the game for us for cheap, so we jumped on the opportunity. 

We left Friday after everyone got off work and road tripped with our great friends Rhett and Riley! We made it to Austin a little before 1 am and we were staying with a great friend...THANKS BRADY!! Riley and I passed out and all the guys stayed up WAYYYYY too late...which made for a long Saturday! 

On Saturday we woke up early and got ready and headed to lunch. I have no idea what that place was called, but it had some yummy tacos! Then we headed to the tailgate. Brady had a tailgate for his work that we hung out at and had a great time!!
I absolutely love all of these people!!! They are the best friends!!!


After hanging out at the tailgate for a few hours, we headed to the game! 
So cool!!! Here comes Bullet!!
He is seriously the man of my dreams!!
We have the best friends!!!

It was such a good game...thankfully a Cowboys Victory!!! On our walk back to meet up with everyone the sky was absolutely beautiful! This picture does not even do it justice! But it looked pretty cool with the Capitol in the back!

After the game we ate dinner with everyone and hit up 6th street! We had an awesome time in Austin with fantastic friends!! 

Sunday morning we got up and ate lunch at Hopdoddys!! If you have not eaten there...put it on your bucket list! They have amazing burgers and even better shakes!! I had a Red Velvet Cake shake and it was amazing!! Haha! 

Now we are headed home! 36 hours in Austin and 16 hours in a car with these lovely people

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