My Family

My Family

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


That's right...our house is for sale!

Trevor and I got married in June of 2011 and at the time, I was working in Branson and Trevor had a job lined up at EY that didn't start until August of that year. We both lived in Branson for the couple months after our wedding and then Trevor moved back to Tulsa to start work. My contract ended in Branson in November, so that is when I moved back to Tulsa. We moved in with my parents at the time because we weren't sure of what my job situation was going to be and we just wanted to get our feet on the ground. And quite frankly, my parents had the room (thanks mom and dad!). I got a job at Union Public Schools just a couple weeks after returning and officially started there in January of 2012. So, in mid-January, after looking at a few homes, we decided to build!
We officially got to move in at the end of May. I remember it being perfect timing because school got out and it was the very next day that we closed on this house!

We absolutely LOVE our home, it will always be our first home. What makes it even more special is, this is where we brought Brooks home to. What a special memory! That is probably the hardest part about deciding to sell our house and move. I just got his nursery exactly how I love it and now we have to pack it all up. His room is probably my favorite in the house right now! But I also know that he will never remember this move or this room.

If we love our home so much, why are we selling? Well, we have decided we are ready for a new chapter. Trevor's family has a lot of land just southeast of where we live and it has always been the intent to build on it someday. When we first moved to Tulsa we didn't know how long we would be here, we weren't sure if we wanted to travel some, we even looked at Trevor working abroad for a little while. And, once you build on family land, it's an unwritten rule that you just don't sell, so we just weren't ready for our forever home. We didn't even know what features of a house we liked. Plus, you just never know where life is going to take you, especially in the early years. Of course, we still don't know exactly what is in store for us, but we are now willing to take that chance. We have just decided this is the right time for us! us sell our home! Share it with everyone you know!
Here is the zillow link

Sunday, August 28, 2016

August Date Nights!

We are still going strong with our weekly date nights and we love it! Life gets busy and hectic and just crazy with a newborn (I'm sure this is only the beginning!) so this is a great chance for us to just be husband and wife, Trevor and Jillian, party of 2! And I truly believe every couple needs that! You have to continue to date your spouse!!

Again, none of our dates are crazy expensive or elaborate by any means, it's just a chance for us to have built in quality time that is intentional!

Each week we trade off who is going to plan the date for that week, so it doesn't always fall on the guy. You can check out July's dates from a few posts back!  

1st Week: when we were in Michigan we went blueberry picking, so I thought it would be neat to do something with those delicious blueberries! So we made blueberry cobbler (thank you Linda for the recipe)! We made the cobbler, then stuck it in the oven for 40 minutes. While we were waiting for the cobbler to bake we gave each other great back massages! Then when the timer went off, we enjoyed our delicious dessert with some vanilla ice cream!

2nd Week: we had a water balloon fight in our back yard! Thanks Julie for the idea! 

3rd Week: we had a pong, darts and Wahoo! I really thought I had the upper hand because I almost always beat Trevor in ping pong and in Wahoo...but it was a beat down! Trevor won every "sport"!

Week 4: we went to Walmart and bought a new game. This was a little challenging because most games require more than 2 people, but we found one! We bought mancala! We played the adult version...strip mancala...yep, I'm blushing even typing that! Just tryin' to be real! You gotta have fun in marriage! 

Well, there ya have it! August is in the books! And you can't use $ as an excuse! We spent no money on week 1 (we already had all the ingredients!), week 2 I spent $3.99 on water balloons, week 3 was free (we already had all of those activities), and we spend less than $10 on mancala for week 4! 

Happy dating!!

Monday, August 22, 2016


This weekend I had so much fun celebrating the future Mrs. Weller! 

A special shoutout to Trevor because he was persistent that I don't not go on this trip due to baby. He stepped up and was encouraging me to take this trip, reassuring me that he can handle a 7 week old for 3 days on his own! And he did it, seamlessly! 

My brother, Wes and his fiancĂ©, Katy are getting married March 4, 2017. Katy wanted to have her bachelorette party at the beach, so we had to do it while the weather is still nice. One of her bridesmaid's parents have a beach house in Bethany Beach, Delaware, so that is where she decided to have it. 

I flew out of Tulsa on Friday morning. I had a layover in Detroit and made it to DC by 2 pm. My brother picked me up from the airport and him and one of his friends, Jason, drove me to Bethany Beach. They decided to make a weekend of it and stayed at Dewey Beach for the weekend, so it wasn't a total waste to have to drive me the 3 hrs. I made it by 6 that evening. 

Friday night our plan was to go to dinner at a place called Mango's and hang out there for the evening. 

All the girls! I loved meeting each and every one of Katy's friends and family! What a fun group!

I was thankful for Trevor sending me picture updates of Brooks!
I'm clearly biased, but I think he is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!

Brooks turned 7 weeks old on Friday, so Trevor had to capture this picture without me!

Saturday morning we slept in, got ready for the day and then headed to Seacrets. It was such a neat place for a bachelorette party!

Loved the flamingo idea!!!

We seriously had a blast celebrating this lady!

That night we just hung out at the beach house. We ordered pizza, played games and got to watch some funny videos that were made of Wes and Katy answering questions. 

Again, I loved that my sweet husband continued to send me pics each day...

My parents even sent me a pic...Brooks' first walk around LaFortune Park!

I love that I got to come and be a part of such a fun experience! I can't wait til March 4th and for these two lovebirds to tie the knot and we gain another member in our family!

I'm currently sitting on my second plane trying to make it home. I was supposed to get home around 11:11pm and as of right now my ETA is 12:52am! It's been a long day!