My Family

My Family

Sunday, February 21, 2016

New Floors

I am absolutely loving our new hardwood floors! Here is a picture of our living room...

And our bedroom...

I'm still looking for a rug for our bedroom, but we can't actually lay a rug down for long periods of time for about 30 days, so I have some time to find one. I'm not so sure our pups are fans of the hardwood. They are constantly sliding around and Whiskey has been sleeping in our bathroom on one of the rugs in there since we moved back in. Hopefully he'll like our new rug I eventually find. ;)

We had a lot of work to do once we moved back in. We had to reprint our baseboards and fix some paint chips in our walls, get our closets back in order, re-hang our barn door and re-hang our entertainment center, but I think everything is officially put back together!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was definitely a little different this year. We spent this past Thanksgiving in Kansas with my grandparents and my grandpa and Trevor started building a crib. I knew I was off work for President's Day, so we decided to come back this particular weekend to finish the crib. Trevor and I both took a personal day on Friday so we could leave fairly early and get to grandma's at a decent time. We hit the road and made it to grandma's by supper time. After dinner Trevor and my grandpa went to the shop and grandma and I stayed in and talked. We had a little crisis that evening because we noticed after dinner that Whiskey was limping. It appeared that he broke his nail, but he broke off quite a bit that it must have hit his blood vessel in his nail because there was a lot of blood and he was basically not using that paw. We couldn't really do anything about it that night, so we just kept him in the garage so he wouldn't be running around, chasing cats like a mad man and making it worse. The next morning Trevor went hunting. My uncle has a bunch of land and there is a guide that uses his land to take people on hunts and he was nice enough to take Trevor for free. It was the last weekend here in Kansas for goose, so that is what they hunted.
Here are a few pictures that Trevor took..

While Trevor was hunting, my grandma and I went to a breakfast in Stafford with all the ladies from her church. It was fun getting to meet some of her friends and to see extended family that I haven't seen in awhile. When we got home we took Whiskey to the vet in Great Bend to get his paw checked out because he was still limping pretty bad and his nail looked terrible. 
The vet was super nice, clipped off the nail he broke, gave him some pain meds and wrapped it up!

He just can't quite hang with the farm dogs!
The vet told us to keep him off his paw, but since we were on the farm we had to let him run. He was definitely limping all weekend, but that didn't stop him from pestering the cats. Luckily, since Trevor was going hunting with a guide instead of on his own, he wasn't planning on taking Whiskey on the hunt. So he got to relax and sit this one out. 

That morning my uncle and grandpa worked on the crib a bit until Trevor got home from hunting and joined them. We were VERY thankful for my uncle coming to help because the initial plan was for Trevor's dad to come with us to help, but unfortunately plans changed kind of last minute, so Trevor was on his own. 

That evening we had a special surprise in store for my grandparents. We wanted to take them out for a nice Valentine's Day dinner. So my cousin and her husband, Ruthann and Aaron, and me and Trevor drove my grandparents to a town called Ellsworth so we could eat at this neat restaurant called Pretty Boy Floyd's. 

Ruthann and Aaron live in Ellinwood near my grandparents, but the other surprise was that my cousin Carley and her husband Spencer from Sioux Falls, SD drove in for dinner as well!! The 8 of us had a time! And it's always fun to spoil your grandparents because you've grown up getting spoiled by them!

On Sunday we went to church and out to lunch with the same group and then Carley and Spencer hit the road back home and Ruthann and Aaron had some V-Day plans. We went back to the farm so Trevor could get this crib done. 
Seriously, look at these guys hard at work...

I am so thankful for the hard working men in my family!!! Thank you grandpa and Uncle Wayne for helping Trevor!!

We ate some dinner and then played Mexican Train on Sunday night. 

This morning we got up, ate some breakfast and then hit the road. I'm so excited to see our new wood floors! But I know it will be hard work getting everything back to working order! I hope everyone had a special Valentine's Day! 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Some January and Some February

We've had a lot on our plate these last few weeks...I even got a fever blister because I have been a bit stressed, but luckily this weekend I will get to relax.

On January 26th we finally bought a dresser! Wahoo! I had initially wanted the white-ish colored one, but we ended up with this one. 
It's actually a tv stand/entertainment center, but we thought it was perfect for what we have planned. 

On January 29th we had tickets to go to Red Dirt Roundup at the BOK Center. We saw Cody Johnson and Eli Young Band. We have seen EYB quite a few times in the past and have always loved their concerts, but it just wasn't the best I've seen this go round. I was a little disappointed, but we had fun anyway!

Trevor being ridiculous since there is nothing to see yet!...

On January 30th Trevor and I had a fun filled day around Tulsa. The weather was beautiful so we decided to take a stroll on the motorcycle. I got a new helmet awhile back that I still haven't taken out of the box, so we decided to give it a try to see if I like it. The original one I ordered basically never came in, so Trevor had to get me a different style. Definitely not a fan of the butterflies, but I don't mind the purple and black color. 
We rode over in Bixby and decided to get  a little snack at Nothing Bundt Cake. 

Trevor hadn't really felt good all day so that night we just had a date night on the couch. Plus, the next day I was singing all day at church, so I was fine with going to bed early. 

Back in early January I had ordered a thing called DateBox. It's a monthly subscription and I just wanted to try it out. We got an email saying this date box date was a group date and we needed to invite 2 other couples to join us. We asked our friends Katie and Andrew and Brittney and Noah. We decided February 5th was our date night. 
We decided to have some dinner at our house, everyone brought a little something, and then we began. It was a scavenger hunt between couples. You had 60 minutes to accomplish as many tasks as possible. Here are some of our tasks...
Pose with a window manikin.

Give a stranger a bear hug!

Propose in public

Kiss in public

Push your spouse in a shopping cart. 

Carve your initials in a tree. 

Share a Coke.

And best of all...
Get handcuffed to a cop! 

These weren't all of the tasks, but it was a good chunk of them. All of us came in close, but Trevor and I officially won! We got a little victory trophy! After the date night we played a couple games and then stayed up wayyyy too late chatting!

The next day we had a baby shower on the agenda! Our sweet friends Reagan and Chad are celebrating baby boy #2! It was such a cute, rustic shower! 

4 mama's to be!! Love these girls!
The rest of the afternoon was spend moving out of our house to get ready for our new floors!

On February 11th we finally celebrated our girls Christmas, which got its name changed to GALentines Day! 
These ladies are the best! There is never a dull moment with them and there is always guaranteed laughing! Thank you Haley for dinner! And thank you Neafus for my awesome new shirt! Love you girls!!!

Now we are headed to Kansas to see my grandparents and finish a crib for this little baby. I cannot wait to see the finished product and to get it in the nursery!! I'm also excited to come home to some new hardwood floors. We went and saw them this morning and they look awesome!! 

Have a great Valentine's Day Weekend!! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

Sunday, February 7, 2016

It's Official!

I'm gonna be a bridesmaid!!!

I got this sweet card in the mail yesterday...

And of course I said YES!!!

My brother and his fiancรฉ Katy got engaged back in November 
And I am so excited for them to tie the knot!!! Hurry up March 2017!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Little Remodeling

We are so excited because we are getting rid of our carpet and getting hard wood floors! When we built our house we decided on just the standard carpet because we didn't know exactly what we wanted at the time, but we knew we would upgrade eventually. Well, with baby Morris on the way, we decided it was time to upgrade. Right now our house is in shambles! We have been working hard all week to clear out our living room, bedroom and closets. You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to move it all out of place! Just wanted to post the before pictures before we have an after. 

Our empty living room

Some of our furniture shoved in the dining room

Clothes and other furniture in our guest bedroom

Stuff from our closet packed in the future nursery

Empty bedroom

Trevor's closet

My closet

More furniture in our bathroom 

All of the wood 

Can't wait to see the finished project!