My Family

My Family

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weekend in Atlanta!

So this past weekend I decided to visit my Best Friend, Nichole in Atlanta! She moved there almost a year ago and I hadn't been to visit yet, so it was a much needed trip! I got in town on Friday night and we went to dinner at Fritti, which is a pizza cuisine. It was really delicious! That night since we had all worked that day and I had just traveled in town, we decided to go to Nichole's boyfriend's new condo and just hang out and catch up. The next morning we got up and went and got pedicures. It was really nice because we ended up getting a back massage for free along with our pedi's. After our massage/pedicures we went to lunch and met up with Josh at Verde, which is a taco taqueria. Since I didn't have much time in Atlanta, we wanted to fit everything possible in, so we decided to go and watch a chick flick! We ended up watching Safe Haven, which I have to say, is a really good movie! I wouldn't mind watching it again...maybe I can talk Trevor into watching it with me. ;) Now, I have to talk about this movie theater because it was something I had never experienced. We went to the AMC theater at Phipps Mall and it was amazing. When you buy your tickets you literally have assigned seating. Before you go in, you have the option to get the normal movie theater food, along with beer, food, or ice cream! Since it was just me and Nichole, we decided to go for the ice cream! Once you find your seat, you realize that your seat is a recliner!! So we ate our ice cream and watched our movie at the movie theater in a that is how you watch a movie! I tried to get a picture of us lounging out, but it just didn't happen. That night we decided to go out with some of Nichole's friends from Atlanta. We went to dinner at a place in Buckhead called Tin Lizzy's, which is a fun little bar/restaurant, then we went out in Buckhead. We went a place called Czar Bar and Park Bench. We couldn't really get in Czar Bar because they were filming a reality TV show inside. I wish I had a cool story of getting in this bar and being on some reality show, but I don't...I can't say we didn't try though! Here are a couple pictures of the night!
Me and Nichole

me, Nichole, Emily, and Olivia
The next morning we got up and attempted to go to the airport so I could catch a flight on standby. Well, that didn't end up happening, so we drove back to the downtown area of Atlanta and went and ate some brunch at a place called Einsteins...Geez, it sounds like all we did was eat! ;) I ended up catching the next flight to Tulsa on Sunday and was home by dinner time! Overall it was a great weekend and I LOVED catching up with my BF!

Since I have been home I have dealt with an EXTREMELY sick puppy-more on that later, a little redecorating-again, more on that later, and SNOW!!!

I am secretly praying we get a snow day tomorrow...yes, teachers wish for those too! ;)

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