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My Family

Monday, July 1, 2013

SC Trip: Myrtle Beach

The end of day 4, day 5 and day 6 (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday) were all spent in Myrtle Beach. Sidney and Jenny Max own a cute little beach house not far from Myrtle Beach, so we decided to go and stay there for a few days and relax!
It was such a neat community! Everyone drove golf carts around all day to get to different destinations in the community, they had volleyball, mini golf, shuffleboard, basketball courts, an arcade, restaurants, a pool, a waterpark...the list goes on and on! And it's located right on the coast!

Isn't this the funniest thing...a golf cart parking lot!
Since we got there kind of late on Tuesday we decided to put our bathing suits on, take a little tour of the community and wander down the beach!

We then went back to the beach house and we wanted to sit on the back patio for a bit and relax. The beach house backs up to a little pond and an island that has goats on it!
These fish kept jumping, however, we were way too slow trying to get a picture!

We then decided we wanted to grab dinner somewhere and explore the pier that we could see from the beach house. We started off by going to Scotty's Bar and Grill, then ate dinner at Bubba's Fish House, and then walked the pier.

While we were on the pier, several people were fishing and a guy that was next to us ended up catching a baby shark!! I didn't get any good pictures of it though! :(
The next day we just had a fun beach day! We ate lunch at a beachside food truck and played some shuffleboard.

Once we had enough sun for the day we ended up going back to the beach house to get ready for the evening. We got lucky because it ended up raining just as we were getting ready and it cleared up really fast. Once we were ready we went to Myrtle Beach because they have a new boardwalk there and then we went to Broadway at the Beach which is an awesome little touristy place to hang out! We had a drink at Pier 14-and it was REALLY windy! We walked the boardwalk and ended up stopping at a place called Hammerheads because they had $1 drinks. Once we got to Broadway at the Beach we ate dinner at a sushi restaurant called King Kongs. It was really funny because a person that we grew up with and who was the DJ in our wedding was there at the same time, so we stopped and chatted to him for a bit! Glad we got to see you Walmer!! To end the night we played Mini Golf at a place that Trevor remembered playing at as a kid!

It was REALLY windy out on the pier.
I just love this man!
Broadway on the Beach- they have a ton of restaurants, shops, bars, little museums, a speedboat ride, zip lining, mini golf! It's a great place to go if you are there!
Trevor made me take a picture next to Crabby Jill' he trying to tell me something?

Thursday was another beach day! We took our chairs down to the beach, laid out for a bit, played more shuffleboard, and ate lunch at another place on the beach called Stage Door CafĂ©.

Trevor won every game! I did give him a run for his money on the last game!
This neat military plane kept flying over head.
last photo of the beach!!
I had to take a picture of this next thing because it made me laugh every time. The bed that we were sleeping in at the beach house had these sheets...
Since Trevor hunts mallard ducks, I thought it was very fitting! :)
After we came in from the beach, it started raining again as we were getting ready. We really had perfect timing with the weather. After we got ready and packed up, we headed to Marion for the night because we were going to visit Trevor's grandaunt and greatuncle and stay the night with them. We went to dinner at a place called T-Roy's and then spent the evening chatting with them.
The next morning we got up and drove back to Alvin to have lunch with Sidney, Jenny Max, Kim and Sheridan one last time. After thanking everyone for letting us stay and the great suggestions on what to do in SC we hit the road to our last and final destination!...Atlanta, GA!

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