My Family

My Family

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Home Sweet Home

I just can't believe how fast time goes! Trevor and I closed on our house exactly two years ago today! It was such an exciting time since we watched our home being built and we were able to contribute in some of the details that we wanted to add. 

Not only do we love having a home, but we were so blessed with meeting some of the best neighbors! They are truly amazing friends and now several of our friends from college live within a mile of us! We are just so content where we are in life and couldn't be happier! 

Trevor and I each have our "favorite parts" of our home and where we enjoy spending the most time. 

Trevor's favorite would, of course, be the garage/man cave! We have actually put a lot of time and work into this man cave and it is so fun to have when we have people over!

Just recently we got a ping pong table as well, so we have been battling it out every night this past week!

My favorite part of the house would probably be our bedroom! It's very calming and I love our new bedspread that we got a few months ago and the cute Mr. and Mrs. sign! 

I absolutely love being a homeowner and sharing it with the love of my life!! We have made some amazing memories here already and I know the best is yet to come! 

Happy 2 years in our home!! 🏡

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Catch Up Post...

I am way behind in my blogging world! here goes the past month in one post! 

On April 27th we celebrated Trevor's 26th birthday! As I looked around that evening and saw so many of our friends take the time to come and hang out, I just felt so blessed because we honestly have the best friends!! We have so many people that care about us and are here for us whenever we need and we would return the favor any day! THANK YOU to everyone who has made a difference in our lives! We are forever grateful for you!

Oh yes...did I mention one of my BEST friends moved to Tulsa!!!! I am just so excited to get to hang out with this pretty lady any time I want!!!
A little history- Emily and I performed together in Branson in the Saloon Show! 

When I was in Mexico my grandma celebrated her 80th birthday!!! Trevor and I so wish we could have been there!!! Happy Birthday Grandma!!!!

On May 5th one of my amazing friends welcomed her baby girl into the world!!
Isn't she just precious!?! Ashley, I cannot wait to meet Miss Everly in person and spoil her rotten!!! 

On May 7th I got to see one of my FAV artists in concert at the Brady Theater!!

I just love Gavin DeGraw!!! Trevor wasn't too thrilled about the Morghan and I had a fun girls night!!

That weekend we had another concert to go to at the BOK center as well! A big group of us went to the Red Dirt Roundup! We got to see The Cadillac Three, Kevin Fowler, Casey Donahew and Randy Rogers Band. Can't say I knew too many songs...but it was definitely a good time!

This past weekend we inherited a ping pong table!!! Yayyyyy!!! Now, if you know me then you know I LOVE ping pong! It's probably the only "sport" that I get really competitive!!! Trevor and I will definitely have some late nights battling it out on the ping pong table! So excited for summer nights!!!

Today was our field day at school and the only word I have to describe it is exhausting!
Imagine spending the day with all these kiddos after eating pizza, drinking soda, and eating snow cones!! 

So right now I'm on a date with my couch...which is why I have time to finally catch up on blogging!! 

Stay tuned....exciting news coming up in the next couple weeks! And no, I'm not pregnant- thought I would go ahead and squash those rumors!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Becoming the Bullocks

Congratulations Andrew and Katie Bullock!! 

Trevor and I were so fortunate to be able to go to Mexico to support our great friends in getting married! First, who doesn't love a vacation and second, we were thrilled to watch two amazing people make a lifelong commitment to each other. It is such a testament to these two that so many people flew from miles around to be a part of their special day. They had nearly 50 people there to support their hand in marriage. We had such a great time with our friends from college and it was wonderful meeting all the family members! 

Trevor and I left Tulsa Wednesday morning and flew from Tulsa to Houston and then Houston to Cancun. It was really ironic that we were assigned seats on the plane from Houston to Cancun right next to the bride and groom! When we arrived in Cancun we were greeted with this guy...
We were so thankful for the private transfer and luckily we all got to ride together in the suburban. 

We arrived at our hotel - Hotel Cantalonia  in Tulum - and got checked into our room. Of course, Trevor and I got talked into upgrading! And it was totally worth it. We grabbed some lunch and then headed to the pool to get a little sun! A few other people were arriving that afternoon so it was exciting getting to see everyone! That evening we had a cocktail hour with all the guests that had arrived and then we went to dinner with everyone. 

It was hard to get a big group in anywhere to eat, seeing as it was mainly a couples resort, but we managed to find a place. After dinner we all went to out to the Disco Teque!

Thursday morning we slept in a bit, ate some breakfast and then headed to the beach. Quite a few people were in town, so it was great just relaxing and hanging out! 

That night we had a little surprise bachelorette party for Katie...thanks for the photo Stephanie! I didn't take any pictures this night! 

The next day was another beach and pool day...

That night was the rehearsal dinner which was hosted by the amazing Bullock family at the Mexican restaurant on the resort. 

We were having a great time!!

Wedding Day!!!!

That morning Trevor and I ate some breakfast and then took a little siesta in the hammocks on the beach...
Then we headed to the pool for the afternoon. 
Happy Birthday Caitlin!!!
A couple of the girls got everyone bracelets for our pledge class so we could wear them to the wedding - thanks to whoever I stole this pic from as well!

Then it was time for the wedding!!

Check out all the people standing in the was like the whole resort came to watch!!

It was a beautiful wedding for such a deserving couple!! We had so much fun celebrating the night away! 

The next day was our last day on the resort and it was definitely a relaxing one. 
First we got a Balinese Bed

Then we got an 80 minute couples massage and hung out in the spa...which was amazing!

Then I WON at BINGO!!!

And we wrapped the evening up by having a romantic dinner on the beach!

It was an amazing trip with such great friends!! I was a little sad to come home but I'm sure our pups were happy to see us when we returned!!