My Family

My Family

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Time

I'm sure I'm driving Trevor crazy with all the Christmas music...but I don't care! I love Christmas music!! I would love to see the Transiberian Orchestra...maybe next year!! 

We got all of our Christmas decor out the week of Thanksgiving, but since this is only our 2nd holiday season in our new home, we have minimal decor. Between Affair of the Heart, Black Friday shopping and the Darnaby Craft Show, I got lots of new goodies that I adore!! 

Here is our entertainment center! I love it with all the Christmas stuff!! 

All the little decor!! Starting in the top left: my mom gave me the snowman cookie jar. I just got the football snowman at the Darnaby Craft Show and the horseshoe snowman came from Affair of the Heart. I love all the horseshoe stuff!! The three trees are from my mom and she gave them to me in college and the stockings are brand new. They came from the flower shop on Coweta's Main Street. I thought our wine rack needed a hat and the Gingerbread people are from my mom. She gave me a family of 4 but of course, right now it's just the two of us! The snowman came from garage saling this summer and the adorable reindeer came from Gordmans! I just love them all!!

I got these cute place settings a few years ago and I adore the cute deer! They might be my favorite Christmas decoration! The centerpiece was made for us from my grandpa. My grandmas dad made her one when she got married so my grandpa made me one. 

You can't have Christmas without a nativity scene. HE is the reason for the season! Luke 2:1-20

Here is our tree and my adorable new reindeer! 

We took advantage of all these snowdays to get presents wrapped. We still have a few more, but we have made a good start. 

Happy Holidays!!

After I blogged about our Christmas decor, we added a few more things...
The cute Santa on our door!

This is on our entry table! I just love my new reindeer photo!! 

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Looks like you're Christmas ready! So pretty, Jillian.
    Hope you're enjoying your days off. I'm ready to go back!!

  2. Thanks Jill! I did enjoy the snow days, but I'm not looking forward to making them up in May!