My Family

My Family

Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Firepit

Since the day Trevor and I moved into our house, we have always wanted to build a firepit. Other things took priority the first year or so but we finally decided it was time. We wanted to use some of our Christmas money for it, so we have just been waiting for busy season to get over and for a nice weekend to come around. That happened to be this past weekend! We first had to lay a concrete footing a week prior so here is what that looked like. 

We already knew where we wanted the firepit because originally there was a tree there and one day we looked outside and Whiskey was carrying the tree around in his mouth...yes, he completely ripped it out of the ground, roots and all!! So we decided it was now a great place for a firepit!

We waited for that to dry and then the building began! We had a lot of family and great friends come over to help! 

We used fire brick on the inside with fire mortar, skinny cinder blocks in the middle and regular bricks on the outside with masons mortar. Luckily we didn't have to buy the outside bricks- a friend gave us those! Thanks Vanessa and Eric!

I think it turned out fantastic!!! 
This is what they were going to blame it on had it turned out bad...

Luckily, that was not the case! I cannot wait to fire it up!! 🔥

We have some ideas for seating, but that is for another day!! 

Teachers Night Out

I can't believe that Spring Break is coming to an end...they should really change it to have 2 weeks off! ;)

Pinot's Palette was doing a teachers night out class where you paint your initial and then you can hang it in your classroom. So a coworker and I signed up for the class! The painting did not look very difficult, but I am not artistic at all so the class definitely it's fun to be in the atmosphere with a good friend! We started off the evening with dinner at Los Cabos on the Riverwalk and then headed to Pinot's Palette...

Starting with the border

Working on our spots. 
They turned out so good!! And we had a great time!! Thank you for painting with me Shelly!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


My Spring Break officially started Friday at 2:35 and I couldn't have been more excited!! Trevor went to a bachelor party in New Orleans for the weekend so I headed to Houston to visit a friend. My flight left Saturday afternoon and when I got to Houston we went and ate at Adair Kitchen and then headed to the Houston Rodeo! Hunter Hayes was playing that evening, so we were really excited!! We bought tickets in the nose bleed section, but a good friend of ours had tickets really close, so we went and sat with him! THANKS RITCHIE!!!

Such a fun evening!! 

After the concert we decided to grab a bite to eat, so we went to a place called RA sushi in City Center. It was delicious...then we had a sweet tooth so we went next door to a place called Sweet and got a couple cupcakes. 

Yum yum!!!

The next morning we got up and headed to church. After church we decided to have lunch at a place called Down House. It was delicious and the company was even better!! I loved seeing you all!!

Matt, me, Stephanie, Trey, Caitlin, and Nikki. 

After brunch we went shopping for a bit and then ate some dinner at Loupe Tortilla. That evening we just had a relaxing night and ended up watching a movie - Safe Haven. Love that movie!! 

The next day we had some breakfast, watched some tv and then did yoga! Since it was my last day we just kind of hung out and went shopping that afternoon. We had to make a pit stop and get a mid-day coffee!


After shopping we headed back to Nikki's parents and they grilled out for us! We just relaxed that evening since I had an early flight. 

I love getting to travel and see friends!! I had never been to Houston before and I'd say I got a pretty good 1st impression! Plus, there wasn't as much traffic and I anticipated!

Thanks for everything Nikki!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

And the Celebration Continues...

I honestly get so spoiled on my birthday. Trevor and I usually do something just the two of us or we go on a trip. Then when we get home it's time to celebrate with our families!! I only have my mom and dad that live in town, but Trevor's whole family lives near us, so we always have a big party! This past Friday we invited friends and family over to celebrate and cook out! It was such a fun time and I LOVED having all of the people that I love come to celebrate! We had about 35 people come over and we made burgers, brats and hot dogs. Our family brought over salad, potato salad, baked beans, okra (my fav), chips, dip, and lots of cake!! It was a feast!! Thank you to EVERYONE who came over! I loved getting to spend time with each and every one of you!!! I didn't get very many pictures...but here are a few memories that were captured!

I honestly have the most amazing friends and family!! God has blessed my life with so much more than I ever could dream of and having this wonderful family and amazing friends placed in my path makes me the luckiest person in the world! 

I told you...I'm spoiled!! I greatly appreciate the gifts that everyone got me but truly the best part was just spending quality time with everyone!

26 has already brought some unforgettable moments and I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Boots for Birthdays

The one good thing about busy season is that it comes to an end. Not only is there a light at the end of the tunnel, but it happens to fall right around my birthday every year. For the last 3 years we have gone out of town for an end of busy season/birthday celebration! This year we decided to go back to Fort Worth, TX. We went their last year and had a blast so we thought we would try it out again! It happens to be our neighbors birthday, Cassie as well, so we went on a couples trip again!

We started the weekend off with my favorite breakfast: Espress Oh! coffee and doughnuts!

We then got all packed up and headed to Fort Worth! Luckily we never hit too much traffic and we made good time!

On Friday night we decided to have dinner at Cattlemans Steakhouse and then go out in the Stockyards. 
Birthday Girls

Love this guy!!

Dinner was delicious and we got our annual cheesecake! 🍰 and this time they even sang to us!!

I was so excited because some of our good friends came and met up with us!! Thank you Brady, Gaddy and Lokey for coming out to celebrate!! 

Such a fun night with this crew!!

This is my favorite photo of the weekend!!

The next day was all about boot shopping!! For mine and Trevor's birthdays (Trevor's is in April) we decided we wanted to get each other new boots! Boots for Birthdays was the theme -hence the title! So we got up, had some breakfast and headed to Sheplers and Cavendars! We found a couple shirts that we liked at Shelpers and as we were checking out the lady behind the counter asked if we wanted free tickets to the PBR! Score!! That made the decision easy on what our plans were for the evening! We then headed to Cavendars and we both found new boots!!

We both had an idea of what we wanted before we started shopping, so it made our decision pretty easy. I just LOVE them!!

Since we got free tickets to the PBR we were now a bit crunched for time so we went to eat at Fred's and headed back to the hotel to get ready. If you haven't eaten at Fred's, you definitely need to try it. We bought their BBQ sauce last year and LOVED it, so we stocked up again this trip!

The weather was absolutely beautiful but it was a bit windy which made for a challenge when taking pics!

When we got there we realized that Justin Moore was opening for the PBR so we were pretty excited!!

The next morning we headed back to Tulsa and we hit the snowstorm. It really didn't slow us down much, but it was bad in some parts. 

Now I'm enjoying this wonderful snowday  with my husband!! It has snowed almost every year on my birthday! I love the snow and I find it so special when there is snow on the ground for my birthday! 

Thank you to Trevor for making my birthday so special!! And thank you to Randy and Cassie for coming with us and adding to our fun! I love getting to celebrate our birthdays together every year!! 🎂🎉🍰🎁🎈