My Family

My Family

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sew Cute!

This past week I got an invitation to a friend of mines baby shower. So this past week my mom and I went shopping for her and her up and coming baby girl. I didn't find anything that I just desperately wanted to get her, so I decided to break out my crafty side! For Christmas my mother-in-law and grandma-in-law got me a sewing machine and everything I need to go along with it. Because I had just started a new job, I have not had any time to break it out and start doing any projects, so I thought this would be a great opportunity!
My mom is amazing at all this stuff and she tried to get me to use her machine so she could help me, but I obliged and said I needed to learn on mine, so we spend one whole night just putting everything together to start sewing! I'm glad she was there or I'd still be sitting there wondering where the thread goes!!
I decided to making a baby blanket! I looked on my friends facebook to see what colors she was decorating her little girls room (pink and green) and I decided to go with zebra and green polka dot fabric!

First I started out by cutting both fabrics the same size. I then laid the fabric so the pretty sides where facing each other and I pinned them together.

I then jumped in and started mom was so proud of what she had taught me she started taking pictures! (On a side note, my mom and I have been spending a lot of time together because Trevor is at work so late every night...I think it has been good for us, she has taught me to sew and I have taught her to text...YES, my mother is just now learning to text! Better late than never!)

After I sewed all the side together, leaving a small opening on one side, I flipped it so it's not inside out anymore. I then ironed the blanket.
When it was completely ironed and flap, I sewed around all edges again to create a little border.
It just wasn't complete yet, so I decided to put little bows on the corners!

Her baby shower was today and I was so excited to give it to her! I also got her a couple other cute things...

 zebra dishes!

And bath toys...the LAGOON PARTY!
And here are a couple pics from the shower...
And that's all folks!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...for me...I'm glad it's a 3 day weekend!! ;)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Day

Hallmark knew what they were doing when they created a holiday all about Love!! <3

Since busy season takes up most of Trevor's time, we decided to celebrate this past Saturday evening. Trevor has told me for about 5 years now that he would take me to Flemings. But our lives get busy and we just haven't had the opportunity yet. When I got the job at Union, Trevor told me he would take me there as a celebratory dinner. Again, our lives became busy and we didn't have a chance to go. So for Valentine's Day Trevor must have decided it was time because this past Saturday evening he took me on a date to Flemings!
It was quite delicious! I have no complaints! We also exchanged gift! Trevor got me a cute OSU shirt from Victoria's Secret and I got Trevor and Oklahoma City Thunder shirt.

On Sunday, my sweet husband took me to see The Vow. Luckily for him, he coaxed some of his friends to join us! So 6 of us (3 couples) all went and saw the movie together! The girls loved it, and the boys...well they watched it and that was all we could ask of them! ;)

Trevor's stepbrother and his fiance are getting married in April and we attended their couple's shower on Sunday evening!

Me and the Bride to be!

Newlywed Game!

In laws!! ;)
Overall, it was a fabulous weekend! The hubs and I actually got to spend some quality time together, which is unusual for us lately...but well needed! We have so many exciting things coming up...I can't wait to share them all! ;)

XOXO - have a WONDERFUL week!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RIP Nitro

This past weekend was somewhat of a sad weekend. Trevor's dad has a dog named Nitro. He was one of the best hunting dogs and one of the cutest pups! Trevor's dad and fiance were out of town and Nitro ended up getting out of the backyard and was hit by a car. Luckily, the person that hit him stopped to pull him off the road and call the number on his tag to let the Trevor's dad know what happened. So on Sunday we buried Nitro on Trevor's mom's land. It's crazy to know the impact a dog can have on a life! He wasn't even my dog and I felt a huge loss.
RIP Nito

For Trevor's birthday I planned to give him a puppy...Trevor's dad was going to breed Nitro and we were going to get first choice of his puppies. Now Trevor and I, and Trevor's dad are all looking for lab puppies. If you know any breeders please let me know!

Friday, February 3, 2012


This past week my mom and I went and saw the musical Wizard of Oz! Since I love going to any kind of musical and so does my mom, I jumped at the opportunity to get free tickets since I am now an employee of Union PS. I would have asked Trevor to go with me, but for one, he doesn't really like these kinds of events and two, work is consuming his life right now! So my mom and I got to enjoy it together. I am also an advocate for any arts program, so I thought it would be good to support the arts! Schools wouldn't be the same without these opportunities for kids!
It was such a great show! They added some twists and comical lines that really made the show! I have to say the part I was most skeptical about ended up cracking me up the entire show! Instead of using a real dog (Toto), they had a human dressed in a dog costume. When I first saw that a person was going to be pretending to be a dog I was very skeptical about what that was going to be ended up being hilarious! My mom and I were laughing the entire show at this pretend dog!
Also, there are a couple students from my class that were munchkins in the show, so it was exciting getting to see them in a different element! They did so good! When I was 8 or 9 years old I was a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz at the PAC center at TCC. So watching my students play this part brought back many memories for me! It is so much fun to be a part of something like this! Props to Union for putting on a great performance! The show is running though tomorrow (Saturday) night...if you have the opportunity to see it, I highly recommend it! ;)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Trevor and I have only seen each other for about 1 hour all we will be spending the weekend together...relaxing!