My Family

My Family

Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Tip My Hat to 2011

2011 has been AMAZING!!! I have some of the best memories from this particular year and it will always be a special one in my book! In honor of 2011 I thought it would be fun to write a blog about the highlights of each month this year! So here we go...

For an anniversary present to Trevor, I got us tickets to go to the Eric Church/Jason Aldean concert. We had a great time! Trevor had just got done taking his first rounds of CPA exams and I had just officially finished school, so it was a much needed celebratory concert!!

This was when we had the largest snow and ice blizzard I have ever seen! I have never really seen snow drifts that large before; I have a yard stick in the snow that says it's 24" high in places! Which is a little crazy in Tulsa Oklahoma! This is Trevor and Winston playing in it after been cooped up in the house for about 4 days.  We were anticipating the snow so we went and stayed at Trevor's mom's house for the week!

In March, I moved back to Branson (I had lived there the summer before as well) to start work again! Rehearsals started in mid-March and the opening day of the show was early April. This is the most fun I have ever had at a job and I seriously worked with the most amazing people! There was never a dull moment around this crew and I am so blessed to have been able to have this opportunity and to meet the people I did! Saloon Cast of are all missed! I hope you all have a great off season!


My fabulous friends threw me my bridal shower and bachelorette party!! I had such an amazing time and loved being with my friends!! We had the bridal shower at my parents house and I was so blessed by the number of people that came to show their support! I truly have the best friends and family! For the bachelorette party, the girls surprised me and we went to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino! The rest is history! ;) Again, thank you girls so much for everything you did!! It made my day more than perfect!


In May, Trevor graduated from Oklahoma State University with his Masters! Although I could not be there to celebrate this big moment with him, I was extremely proud of him! Not only did he graduate with his masters, but he passed all parts of the CPA his first time to take them! I definitely married a smarty pants!


June 4 to be exact was definitely a life changing day! Not only was it a highlight in 2011, but it was  the #1 highlight in my life! I had the joy of marrying my best friend this day! We had a wonderful ceremony and a great time with friends and family at the reception! We are so grateful for all our friends who came out to support us! I went from Miss Weller to Mrs. Morris and I am proud to take that name! After being together for over 7 years now I am still learning things about the man I married and every day is a new adventure together! I could not ask for a better husband and friend! Shortly after the wedding, we went on our honeymoon. We stayed at Secrets Maroma Beach just about 10 miles north of Playa del Carmen and it was absolutely beautiful! We had an amazing time!

The highlight of July was being able to work with Trevor. His job in Tulsa didn't start until August, so after the wedding Trevor got a job out at Silver Dollar City as the crowd control outside the Saloon (which was the theater I was performing in). We had a lot of fun because we got to ride to work together and have lunch together. It was probably the only time that we will ever work together, so it was exciting to be able to do that. I'm not sure Trevor enjoyed it as much as I did because he had to stand outside in 100 degree weather all day or stand in the rain! But overall it was a good experience for us both!

In August I got a new car!! As I mentioned in a previous blog I used to have a Jeep Wrangler and have always wanted another one! Well my wish came true and I got an Aztec Gold Jeep Wrangler Sport! Although I couldn't take the top off, I took advantage of taking the doors off and enjoying the weather!

Trevor had moved back to Tulsa and started work and I was still in Branson finishing up my contract out at Silver Dollar City. With Trevor being gone, it left a lot of time for me to hang out with friends! One of the best days was hanging out with these girls at the lake! We are all scardy cats when it comes to water sports so this is us at a top speed of 10 mph!


October was a bit of a life changing month! This picture was taken on my last day of work with these beautiful ladies! I had nothing lined up when I moved back to Oklahoma, so I was a little anxious about what was next in my life. The only thing I knew was that I didn't really like living apart from my husband after only being married a few months. But God has definintely provided for me and we have so many things to be thankful for! 
I went hunting for the second time in my life! I still have not shot a gun or anything, but I have enjoyed going and will probably continue to go a few times a year!


BEDLAM GAME!! And OSU was amazing!!!! Trevor actually got to go in the game, so the bottom picture was one he took when the game was over! Such an exciting time!

We have had some big events happen in our lives the past few weeks and now is the perfect time to share! I mentioned before that I recently got a job as a 6th grade Math teacher at Union! I am so excited to start this new position and meet all my students! Wish me luck on January 3rd!
With me getting this new position we have officially decided to BUILD A HOUSE! We have picked out our house plan, picked out all the colors in and outside the house, and have a lot chosen! We are so excited to start this process! Wish us luck!!!

Tonight we will be saying farewell to 2011 at the Eli Young Band concert!
Overall 2011 was an amazing year! There have been so many life changing events and I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas


I absolutely love Christmas time! I love Christmas music (let me clarify...I love good Christmas music, not like Alvin and the Chipmunks!) I have to admit the N'SYNC Christmas album is definitely one of my favs! I love giving presents and the excitment of opening a surprise! I love decorating, especially this year because it was mine and Trevor's first year to do this stuff together! I love the cheesy Christmas movies on Lifetime and ABC Family. I love that most people you encounter when shopping are in better moods during the holidays! It's just a great time of the year!

Well this Christmas Trevor and I are really slacking! We (when I say we, I mean I) really wanted to send out Christmas cards to all our friends and family. It sounded like a fun tradition to start. Well, we never had the time to get pictures taken, so we never really had time to create one. We ended up deciding against Christmas cards this year after it just got too late. I'm okay with the decision because we will be moving soon (for those of you that don't know, we are living in my parents pool house, we like to call the Cabana right now), so in the next couple months we will be sending out "Here's our new address" cards. We decided that two cards in a couple months period is just too much, so be expecting a change of address card soon!

Since we were unable to send out Christmas Cards, a blog card will have to suffice!

Have a wonderful time with family and friends and have safe travels!!!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tis the Season

This past weekend was such a wonderful weekend! Trevor and I decided to make a Branson trip to visit friends! Trevor has never been to Branson during the holidays so it was exciting to show him all the lights and of course catch up with some of the greatest friends! When we got in town on Friday night we went over to a friends house who was hosting a party for us! Thanks Rachel and Dave!! ;)
Love these ladies! Me, Tracy, Rachel, and Emily

One of my favorite gals!!!
On Saturday I was a terrible mom (to my puppy)! Winston's birthday was on Saturday, December 17, and I felt terrible because I was out of town. So he got to hang out with my mom all weekend!
Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet puppy Winston!!
While my mom was hanging out with Winston, Trevor and I were enjoying ourselves out at Silver Dollar City. Instead of being an employee though, we were the tourists! We went and saw the couple shows there (Dickens and the Saloon Show), and went through the cave. After working there for 2 years, I hadn't gone through the cave yet, so we thought it was time!
Emily rockin' it out!!! ;)


In the Marvel Cave
Throughout the day Trevor and I would go into some stores at Silver Dollar City to warm up a little...we stumbled across this...
Now this made us laugh because we really wanted to get it for my parents. The story behind that is, when Trevor first got me Winston they basically told him getting me a puppy was a terrible idea. Once he got me the dog, my parents wouldn't even let me stay the night at their house for a weekend if I had the dog with me because they didn't want him to ruin their carpet. They basically just didn't believe in having an indoor dog. Well now my parents are obsessed with Winston. When I would come home from college, they would get upset if I didn't bring the dog. And now that we live with my parents, they are always playing with him. So we thought this would be the perfect gift for them!

Overall, we had such a wonderful weekend! It was amazing catching up with friends and getting to see their Christmas shows! Sadly, I will not be going back to Branson to perform because of my new job, but I will be visiting them frequently!
Only 5 days until Christmas! Wahoooo!!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


So as many of you may know, I graduated from OSU with my degree in elementary education and right after college I moved to Branson and performed there for the rest of the year, well until now that is! You can see more pictures of that amazing job here from a previous blog! Well now you can say I am on to new and different things!

Starting January 3 I am embarking on new terrirory! If you remember my previous blogs from the past month or so (or even if you don't you can view them here or here) you will see that I had some exciting opportunities ahead of me if I passed this test I was studying for...well I officially PASSED the test and I am now a 6th grade math teacher! I am so excited for this new experience!

Fractions and decimals here I come!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Holidays!

This past weekend Trevor had a Christmas work party that we attended and the following night we took a limo with a bunch of friends to go and look at Christmas lights around Tulsa. It has definitely put me in the Christmas spirit...since this is mine and Trevor's first Christmas together there is a lot of pressure to start creating new traditions of our own! We started by making some hot chocolate and marshmallows, getting some cookies, and of course including Winston in all the festivities. 
Next up, we decorated out little living room that we like to call "home" right now.

I absolutely LOVE my place mats! ;)
And then we put up our tree. This was somewhat of a last minute decision because a day  before we put up the tree we didn't own one. Trevor's great grandma was nice enough to give us her old Christmas tree, Trevor's grandma gave us spare lights that she had, and Trevor's mom gave us ornaments that she bought last year after Christmas that had never been used! So Thank You Trevor's family for the wonderful tree and decor!

You can't see the tree topper, but there is one up there! ;)
Now, on to wrapping presents! I absolutely LOVE wrapping presents and I'm pretty sure Trevor HATES it because he has only given me one wrapped present since we started dating and he wasn't even the one that wrapped it! The other day we were at Sam's Club and we saw cute wrapping paper for only $7. I'm really happy I like what it looks like because I think it will literally last for 10 years! I guess sometimes it pays to buy in bulk!

Here are a couple pictures from our lovely Christmas weekend!

Work party at Post Oak Lodge


This picture was taken solely because Bullock was complaining he has not made the blog!! haha! So this one is for you!

Lastly...I am proud to say even Trevor is in the Christmas spirit now! He usually doesn't like Christmas music and is never as excited as I am about presents...but he even broke down and bought a Christmas tree for his office...


Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Dating Years!

7 years ago today I started dating the man I would one day call my husband! Now most of you probably think this day isn't very important anymore because we are married and should probably only celebrate our marriage anniversary...well I like any reason to celebrate, plus we planned our wedding exactly (almost exactly) 6 months away from our "dating" anniversary. We aren't making a huge deal about it tonight, but we are definitely acknowledging it and celebrating a little! Plus it is 6 months since we got married...what more reason do you need to celebrate! 7 years is a long time, especially when you are only 23, but I'm looking forward to the next 75!

Our first date is definitely a story to be told!
We first met in 11 grade (in my favorite class (not) DECA) at Broken Arrow High School. My best friend (Carlee) was dating one his Trevor's best friends (Joe) at the time, and we instantly hit things off. Trevor asked me to come to one of his basketball games but I had a singing performance that night, so I showed up really late and completely missed the game. So, we ended up going to McDonald's after the game with our friends Carlee and Joe to talk for a bit. Well, it ended up that we had to quite in common, one thing being our love for OSU; where we of course ended up going to college. We hung out for awhile just talking and getting to know each other until we had to go home.
Our first real date is definitely one to remember. That weekend, Trevor took me out for a fun filled evening (little did we know how much fun we would have). On Friday night Trevor came to my house and we were planning on driving to Carlee's house to meet up with her and Joe, and then all go out to dinner. As I was pulling out of my drive-way I backed into Trevor's truck and it ended up being about $1500 in damage (only about $15 to my Jeep). At dinner Trevor proceeded to spill salsa on himself and then a cup of water was knocked over that spilled on him as well. After dinner the new and happy couple decided to rent a couple movies to watch that evening. But unbeknown to us, one of the movies was absolutely awful and inappropriate, at least for a first date (ask why and we will let you know)...we like to say the rest is history!

Here are a few pictures (most taken on our Anniversaries) of our journey with each other so far...

Our first picture together...December 27, 2004

Showing our love for OSU!!! Our first basketball game together!!! Feb. 2005

Freshman Year OSU Homecoming!!! Oct. 2006

3 Year Anniversary...We had a delicious dinner at the Melting Pot!! Dec. 2007

4 Year Anniversary...We celebrated in Stillwater and went to a little restaurant called Tokyo Pot! Dec. 2008

5 Year Anniversary...Again, we celebrated in Stillwater and went to Kyoto! Dec. 2009
In April of 2010 Trevor made me the happiest girl in the world and asked me to be his wife! I will save the proposal story for our first "real" anniversary, but here is one of our engagement pictures!

Engagement Picture taken in Holland Michigan! Aug. 2010

6 Year Anniversary...We went back to Tokyo Pot for this Anniversary in Stillwater! Dec. 2010

Our first (and most likely our only) job that we ever worked at together!! Summer 2011
On June 4, 2011, Trevor kept his word and made my fairytale come true! I got to walk down the aisle and marry my best friend in the world!
And just because this is our favorite picture...

Mathletes and Athletes - Sophomore Year! LOVE YOU!!!
Have a Happy Thursday!!! We have a busy Christmas weekend ahead of us!!!