My Family

My Family

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Today I Am Thankful For...
Trevor and I have so so very much to be thankful for! We have the most amazing family and friends and we have so much more than what we need! I did this last year and enjoyed it so here it goes...for each day in November, these are the things I am thankful for!

1st: I am thankful for God's love. We have been extremely blessed this year and I owe that to our faithfulness to Christ.

2nd: I am thankful for my high school sweetheart who has become an amazing husband! He is a devout leader in our home and I love that I can trust every decision he makes spiritually, financially, relationally, etc. He is the love of my life!

3rd: I am thankful for my mom and dad. They have endured some tough battles the last couple years, but they always come out stronger!

4th: I am thankful for my brother! I love that we live miles apart but every time we hang out, it's like no time has passed. 
5th: I am thankful for my sweet puppy Winston!! He is almost 6, but he is still a puppy to me! He is the best cuddle buddy when you are tired or feeling down and the best thing to come home to because he is so excited to see you every time you walk in the door!!

6th: I am thankful for our pup Whiskey! Even though most of the time he doesn't listen to me, just Trevor, he is still the sweetest thing! Thankfully, he puts up with Winston's jealousy and is accepting of his grumpiness. :) He is also an amazing hunting dog!

7th: I am thankful for the best in-laws. Trevor has such an amazing family and I am so lucky to be a part of it!

8th: This day we had the honor of throwing our sweet neighbors a baby shower! I am so thankful for their friendship and how lucky we got to have them as neighbors! I cannot wait to meet Baby R!

9th: I am so thankful for the opportunity to sing at church each and every week. It has been such a joy to get to sing each week with some of the best musicians. It is something that I look forward to every Sunday!

10th: I am thankful for each and every one of our friends! We made some of the best friends over the years and we are lucky to have them in our life! Many live in Tulsa and others live far away, but I love that technology has made it so easy to stay connected with everyone!

11th: Being Veteran's Day, I am so thankful for our Veterans and all the sacrifices they make so we can live the way we do! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

12th: I am so thankful for our home! We have been in our home for 2 and a half years and we have loved every minute of it! I love having people over and hosting. I love that we have a spare bedroom so people can stay with us from out of town. It is just the house I dreamed of with the perfect guy!

13th: I'm thankful for my amazing job. I switched districts this year and am so happy with the change! I love teaching, and my students this year are truly amazing! I am also thankful for my job as cheer coach. It has definitely been a new experience, but it has been a lot of fun. I also have an amazing co-coach who has taught me so much!

14th: I am so thankful for my extended family!! We don't get to see everyone as often as we would like, but it is always fun when we do!

15th: I am thankful for OSU! I have so many memories from there and I love going back and making new memories with some of the best friends!

16th: I am thankful for the Golden Goddess!...I seriously LOVE my car! And I am also thankful it has been paid off!!

17th: I am thankful for Dave Ramsey and budgeting! I know....a little odd! But seriously, Trevor got really adamant about wanting to start a serious budget a couple years ago and it has been the best decision we have ever made. I know being on a "budget" never sounds fun. But knowing where all of our money goes is exciting! I feel like we have so much more now that we are conscience of what we have! I honestly can't imagine life without it at this point!!!

18th: My dad had surgery today...I am thankful for doctors and the intricate work that they do!

19th: I am thankful for our sweet nephews! I am so glad that we got to spend time with them this year when they were in town!

20th: Today we got a new hot tub!!! One of the many perks of budgeting! Say no to things you want now, so you can say yes to what you really want! I am so thankful for this hot tub! We have been talking about getting a hot tub since we moved it and it came at the perfect time!

21st: I am thankful for good books! I just got finished reading Gone Girl and it was entertaining! Trevor took me to see the movie as well and we both really enjoyed it! Also, if you are looking for an amazing book, my FAVORITE book ever is Redeeming Love!

22nd: I am thankful that we live close to family so we are able to celebrate birthdays and other family events!

23rd: I am thankful for our elliptical! Most days I am not very motivated to work out, but I love having an elliptical with a TV right in front of it so I can work out and catch up on my favorite shows!

24th: I am so thankful for our Lifegroup! These families are true inspirations in my life! I feel so lucky to know and call these 3 couples my friends!

25th: I am thankful for my new hobby of sewing! I have learned so much over the past year and I am loving this new hobby of mine!

26th: I am thankful for our new washer/dryer!! Ours have been hanging on by a thread, well duct tape to be exact. We saw some Pre-Black Friday sales and we went for it!

27th: I am thankful that I got to spend this holiday with family!

28th: I am thankful for Christmas music!! I was listening to it all day when putting our Christmas stuff up!

29th: I am thankful for date days with the best husband! I love that we still make an effort to date! Never stop dating!

30th: I am thankful for golfing/hunting. Trevor loves doing these things and I know that when he gets to do the things he loves, it makes him happy and a better husband!

This list could go on and on! Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Whiskey is Back!!!

If you can remember from a couple posts ago, Trevor's dad took our hunting dog with him to North Dakota for his big hunting trip! Apparently he did great!! The guy that also went and also trains dogs said that Whiskey has the most drive he has ever seen, which I completely agree! He is constantly go-go-go!!! In the house, he gets to going so fast, his tail knocks things over that are on his level! We have also banned playing fetch in the house because things get so crazy! 
I told Bobby that the only way he could take Whiskey is if I got a picture at least every other day! I definitely didn't get one every other day, but he did send a few...
He's so handsome!!

Kenny and Whiskey

Whiskey in his blind. 

Those are the 4 pictures I got! I know he had a blast but I'm so happy to have him home!!! From the looks of it, I think he missed sleeping inside! 

He normally sleeps on his bed, but I'm guessing he thought he could get away with sleeping with one of our pillows since he'd been gone so long!!

Also, we are looking for someone to breed him with...if you know of someone with a female lab wanting to breed, please let me know!!! 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Baby Shower

Today, Trevor and I hosted a baby shower for our sweet neighbors, Randy and Cassie. We did a guy/girl shower where the girls were inside mingling and hanging out and the guys were outside shooting skeet. We did the shower at Trevor's mom's house since the guys needed some land to shoot. It turned out so cute! I didn't get any pictures of the guys and their activities, but here are a bunch of inside pictures!
Vanessa's new table with cute decor!

Treats table!
Isn't this the cutest cake?!

Yummy Harvest Trail Mix (recipe)

She's Ready to Pop!

Punch in mason jars (ginger ale and orange sherbet)

Tea and Lemonade

Mimosa Bar

An adorable diaper tower

Getting Crafty!! We had a Name Suggestion Jar, Word of Advice cards (This is the outline I followed), and an Alphabet Book!! (Print the Alphabet Book HERE!)

"Choose a Letter and Draw a Picture for the Alphabet Book" - these turned out so cute!!! Baby R is going to love it!! (print here)

We also had a tally of what everyone thinks Baby R is going to be! It looks like "Boy" is slightly in the lead!!

Congratulations Randy and Cassie!!! Sadly, I did not get a picture with or of either one of you! But here are the adorable parents-to-be!

And their beloved pups!

 We are soooo excited to meet Baby R and spoil him/her!! We can't wait to babysit!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Our Hunting Dog

I'm so sad tonight because Whiskey will be leaving us for almost 2 weeks! Trevor's dad is leaving on his annual hunting trip and since Trevor is not going, his dad offered to take Whiskey so he can continue to get a lot of experiences. There is also a guy going that trains dogs, so he offered to help teach Whiskey a few more things! Hope the little guy has fun!
I felt like I needed to take pictures of him before he left!
He's so proper!!!

We were getting our last bit of playing in before he left!

I just LOVE this pup!!! I'm sure Winston isn't too tore up about brother leaving! Actually, I think he is THRILLED!!! He misses being the "only child" spoiled!

I told Trevor that the only way I will let him go is if his dad sends us picture updates at least every other day!! Hopefully he holds up his end of the bargain and I can share those pictures as well!! 

One of My Best Friends Weddings

This pretty lady got married this past weekend! 
Katy and I met Freshman year because we both went Potluck with our rooming situation! We were both placed in Bennett Hall - 3rd floor - sorry I can't remember the room number! We instantly became friends and haven't looked back since!! Seriously, God knew what he was up to when he put us together! 
First picture ever! :)

We both went through recruitment and although we chose different houses, we remained friends through it all! During Freshman year we survived a lot of pomping with our sororities, Stillwater's snow storm (it was so cold, we literally just went outside to take pictures of us playing in the snow to say we did it!), numerous relationships, a crazy roommate, cake in the face (I will not go into detail on that one), an awful breakup and a lot of Bennett Hall food! When Sophomore and Junior year came around we didn't see each other as often since we were living in our sorority houses, but Junior year we survived several lake trips and our Spring Break trip!!

We agreed that when Senior year came around we would find a house and live together again! And that's exactly what we did! Our schedules were pretty crazy senior year as well, but we always found time to be great friends! 

Even after Senior year we always made it a point to hang out! We took a road trip to Shreveport to visit a friend and when I was living in Branson the first summer, Katy was in Springfield. So we had a couple shopping days!
Eventually this guy came around...
And we all knew it was something special! 

In 2011 Katy stood next to me on my big day 
So I was so excited to return the favor!

This past weekend Trevor and I made the drive to Austin, TX to celebrate Katy and Clayton! We left on Thursday around 7 and got to Austin at 2:30 in the morning. That night, or what was left of it, we stayed with our friend Brady. On Friday morning we got up and all had breakfast together before Brady and Trevor went golfing. Around the time I was about to leave, I realized that Trevor had only booked our hotel for Saturday night and as it stood, we didn't have a place to sleep tonight. So, we did some scrambling and luckily found a really nice room for not too much! Thank goodness!! On Friday afternoon I went to Katy's bridal luncheon at Brio Tuscan Grille. It was amazing!

That evening we had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at Salt Lick BBQ! Since it was Halloween, they decided to make it a festive rehearsal dinner, and everyone wore costumes! Trevor and I were the Thunderbirds and Pink Ladies!

The bride and groom were Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter! 

On the day of the wedding all of the girls met at the Blo Dry Bar and got our hair done!

Then headed to Gabriel Springs.

Seriously, the prettiest bride inside and out!!! The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a blast! I was also soooo excited to see my best friend that I haven't seen since February! 

I'm not sure we stopped talking until the next day when had to head back home!!! And we had a lot of fun in the photobooth!!
Such a fun weekend!! The drive home on Sunday was a little long, and I still don't think I've caught up on sleep, which is odd since we gained an hour! But it was all totally worth it!! CONGRATULATIONS Katy and Clayton!!!