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My Family

Monday, July 1, 2013

SC Trip: Francis Marion National Forest

This year Trevor and I decided to take a vacation to South Carolina! Trevor has several family members that live in SC that I have never met (and it's been almost 9 years), so we thought it was time that we make our way to the East coast to visit. We covered a LOT of ground!
If you are looking at a map, we traveled to Moncks Corner, down to Beaufort, back up to Charleston, over to Mt. Pleasant and Isle of Palms, up to Georgetown, up to Myrtle Beach, up to Marion, back down to Moncks Corner, and then we had a pit stop in Atlanta before returning home!! Like I said, we covered a LOT of ground!

We left Tulsa last Friday, June 21st at about 6 when Trevor got off work and we got all packed up. Since neither of us have very good traveling cars, we borrowed Trevor's grandma's car. That was a blessing because we saved so much money on gas! We stopped and had some dinner in Fort Smith and then we stopped in Conway to get my FAVORITE ice cream! We used to have an ice cream place in Tulsa (and in Stillwater) called Shakes and it's literally my favorite ice cream/custard place. Both of those locations closed and the only ones I'm aware of now are in Joplin, MO and Conway, AR, so my sweet hubby made a pit stop just for me to get my ice cream fix!

 I slept from about 10pm - 3am and then Trevor was getting tired so I drove from 3am-7am
I watched the sun come up! Trevor took over at about 7 and we got to our first destination around 11:30ish (12:30 SC time). Our first stop was near Moncks Corner (the actual town is called Alvin and it's in the Francis Marion National Forest). Trevor's great uncle Sidney and his wife Jenny Max live there. We had some lunch with them and then Trevor and I took a nap since we had been driving all night.

Day 1: Saturday-We woke up and Sidney gave us a little tour of his property and it is BEAUTIFUL! Their home sits on about 50 acres and it is all nice and manicured with beautiful trees, ponds, bushes, name it, they have it! Check out their beautiful home!

I think if I lived there I would feel like I was on vacation every day! After we got the tour, Sidney's daughter Kim and her boyfriend Cal came over and we all hung out and talked for awhile. I tried boiled peanuts for the first time. They have signs all over the side of the road in SC for boiled peanuts, so I was excited to try them since Trevor loves them. At first I thought they were a little weird, but I love them now! We even brought home a bunch!! As we were sitting out on the patio Sidney was telling us about this baby alligator that hangs out on his property and all of a sudden he showed up!

Isn't he so cute!!! I think I will be keeping my distance though! Trevor and I named him Phil and if he happens to be a girl, we will stick with Phyllis! There is actually another little gator that swims around the pond as well, but we never saw the second one.
We ate dinner shortly after feeding Phil and we had an amazing homemake dinner. Sidney and Jenny Max made us a Crab Alfredo and it was fantastic! I just loved having good seafood all week!

After dinner we got a little tour of Sidney's "man cave" and then went and looked at the moon. Many of you know that this particular full moon was a little special because it is the closest and largest full moon of the year. The moon will not be that close to the Earth again until August 2014, so basically it's a super moon!!

Sidney's Man Cave

Sidney's man cave

That evening we stayed the night at Sidney and Jenny Max's house and got a good nights rest! The next morning we headed to Beaufort for Day 2 of our amazing vacation!...

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