My Family

My Family

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

1st Mother's Day

I can't say I really understood what all my mom did for me throughout the years until I became a mom myself. Being a mom is truly a selfless act, but it is SOOOO worth it! Thank you mom for all you have done and continue to do for me! LOVE YOU!

My mom was actually out of town for the weekend, so we haven't gotten to celebrate with her yet. But, we will make up for that this week.

I was scheduled to sing at church all day Sunday, so Trevor was sweet and we hung out all day Saturday in honor of Mother's Day. We didn't do anything extravagant, but I enjoyed the day just being together as a family. We went to the Rooster Day parade and then walked around the Rooster Day festival. Trevor took me to lunch at my favorite place, McAlister's. We went up to the hospital to see a friend who just had a baby. SUCH A CUTIE! We went to church together and supported our friends in dedicating their baby. It was really nice attending church together. I'm usually on stage during worship and then join Trevor after, but it was really nice to stand together during worship. And then we went home and cooked dinner together. It was a great day in my book!

Boogie almost slept through the whole parade. The drum line in the marching band woke him up. 


When I got home, I had a surprise delivery from my brother and sister-in-law! So sweet!!! They are in full bloom right now at my house!

On Sunday I was at church from 7-7 but I did have a small break for lunch. I went home and we ate lunch with Trevor's family. Shout out to the best mother-in-law a girl could ask for! We are currently invading her home with a baby and two dogs and she is still nice to us! Haha! But seriously, I have the best mother-in-law who raised an amazing man that I call my husband!

Trevor/Brooks surprised me with a couple gifts that were so thoughtful and the CUTEST cards! I'm one lucky gal to have these two in my life! When I got home at the end of the day Trevor had cooked me an amazing dinner. He honestly slaved in the kitchen for over an hour preparing this meal and it was DELICIOUS! 

Thank you Jesus for entrusting me with this sweet baby (and another one on the way) so that I can have the name "mom." It's the BEST job I will ever have!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the moms out there!! 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Trevor's Birthday Continues in KANSAS!

Awhile back I asked Trevor what he wanted for his birthday this year. We were in St. Thomas for my birthday and that's hard to beat, so I wanted Trevor to get something nice too! He mentioned that he wanted to go turkey hunting with my cousin's husband in Kansas. Trevor's only been turkey hunting one other time and he really enjoys doing new things and hunting is usually at the top of his list. So, I called my cousin and my grandma and we made plans. We decided to go this past weekend because Trevor's birthday was the 27th, my grandma's birthday was the 6th and my cousin was the 7th, so we had a triple birthday celebration!

We left Thursday night really late after our gender reveal with hopes that Brooks would sleep the whole way. Thankfully, he did. He's always done really well in the car. However, once we got to my grandma's house, which was around 2am, Brooks did not want to sleep in the room we prepared for him. We tried feeding him a small bottle, rocking him, reading him a story and nothing was working. So, he joined us in our room for the night. We have never done that before. Brooks has never once slept with us, so I was a little skeptical if that would even work for the night, but it did! He slept great! (And thankfully, we didn't start a bad habit either!)
So precious!!!

They slept in 'til 9:30!!! 
We didn't really have an agenda for the weekend other than Trevor was going to devote most of his time to turkey hunting and we were going to have a birthday celebration. 

He already loves GG's cooking!

I'm positive they will have a special bond!

Friday evening the guys went turkey hunting and had a successful evening! They each got one!

The guys went hunting on Saturday morning, but didn't have much luck in getting one. While they were out hunting, we stayed at grandma's and explored.

Very curious about the central vacuum unit. He was able to open it and put his hand up next to it, but wasn't really a fan of it. 

Who needs toys when you have a tupperware drawer!

GG's are the best!
That evening we had our party! We were celebrating Trevor's birthday, my grandma's birthday and my cousin's birthday and that my grandpa was getting to go home from the hospital on Monday!

This is the BEST picture!!!! :)
It's not too often you see a couple still in love after all these years!!!
Melt my heart!!!

He enjoyed playing in the fountain
He was SOAKED at the end of the evening!
Sunday morning was their last chance to get another turkey because we were leaving that afternoon. Thankfully they had a great time AND got another turkey.
I'd say he had a great birthday trip!
So thankful for my cousins and my aunt Lorri who loved on my baby all weekend!!!! They are the BEST!
 We had such a great time relaxing, playing with Brooks, celebrating and seeing family! Until next time!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Baby #2 is a..............BOY!!!!

To say that this pregnancy was a surprise is an understatement, so I knew I did not want to wait and be surprised with the gender. I told Trevor right away that we were finding out the gender as soon as possible with this one. (With Brooks, we made the decision early on to wait to find out when he/she was born. We made it 34 weeks and then caved and found out, but that's a story for another day). I knew right away I was going to find out as soon as possible with this one!

Trevor and I both searched online for different, fun ways to do a gender reveal and we both came up with 3 that we liked. In our list of 3, only 1 overlapped on both our lists and that was spraying each other with water guns either filled with blue or pink paint. So, that's what we decided to do. We also decided that we wanted to find out when everyone else did, so we were not going to find out at the doctor's office.

I had a doctor's appointment on the day I turned 17 weeks pregnant. We weren't sure if we would be able to tell then, so we didn't plan our gender reveal too many days ahead of time. The appointment was on Wednesday and we did our reveal the following day.

I had ordered the water guns on Amazon a couple days before and after our appointment we went and bought pink and blue paint, since we weren't sure which one we'd need. We sent out a text message on Wednesday right after our appointment to family and LifeGroup and we're just excited to have whoever could make it there.

Here are some fun photos of the reveal!

We had my sister and brother-in-law fill up the guns moments before the reveal! THANK YOU LAUREN AND TYLER!

Ready to find out!

There was a video taken right before of people placing their bets. I said GIRL and Trevor said BOY! The majority of people there said girl, but I think it was more people hoping for a girl! haha! I thought it was a girl because this pregnancy has been sooooo different. However, I am definitely carrying them both the same.

So thankful for everyone who could come, especially being so last minute!


And Trevor literally shot me right in the face!!! This photo cracks me up because you can literally see the blob of paint about to nail me in the face!

You were supposed to aim at my shirt Trevor! Haha!

Brooks is going to have a BROTHER!!!!

We were meant to be BOY MOMS!!!

We are so excited to meet baby boy #2!!!!
RHETT MICHAEL MORRIS we can't wait to meet you!!!

After the reveal we went inside and ate ice cream and hung out for a bit. I had to shower first because I was literally soaked from the neck up in blue paint!! I think I even had blue paint on my teeth (thanks Trevor!)