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My Family

Monday, July 1, 2013

SC Trip: Georgetown/Plantersville

Tuesday was Day 4 and we decided to start the day by getting ready at Kim's and then we headed to Georgetown for some lunch. Trevor had been wanting to go and see Georgetown because I believe it is the 3rd oldest city. We met up with Sidney and Jenny Max at a restaurant called The Big Tuna.

It was delicious! I had a crab cake sandwich! Again, I LOVED all the seafood and I loved that every restaurant had sweet tea! It's a southern thing! :) We ended up not walking around or doing much in Georgetown because we heard it was very similar to Beaufort and plus, Trevor was excited about our next destination!

After lunch, Sidney took Trevor and I to the Morris Hunting Club which is located near Plantersville, SC. Trevor used to do hunting trips and such when he was kid here all the time. He actually shot his first deer on this land. They used to own/lease 10,000 acres, but they have scaled back a little now. Trevor has been so excited to see/show me around the Hunting Club. It was really neat to see a glimpse of his childhood!

The Hunting Club is located on what used to be the Snowmill Plantation and it is about 2-3 miles from a main road.

Once we got on the land, Trevor wanted to show me where they used to stay when he was a kid. They now have build other buildings that they sleep in and such, but these next few pictures are photos of the old house. Trevor was telling me all sorts of stories about him and his brother. I guess they used to sleep in tents outside, and it the morning they would run into the house to heat up since it was so cold outside. The house didn't actually have a central AC unit, but they had a little heater that they would all huddle up next to. They also didn't have hot water, so they showered REALLY fast! There is a concrete slab in front of the house and he had memories of him and Austin (his brother) catching lizards that would try and hide under the slab.

Most everything on the inside has been gutted out so there wasn't too much to see, but here are a couple pictures.

 Then we were off to see the new Hunting Club area.

Do you see where there are scratch marks in the pole and one of the signs is knocked down? That was all done by a BEAR!!! Thankfully, we never actually saw the bear.

These next couple photos are from inside the trailers. This room in particular was Trevor's late grandfather old room. Everyone talks so highly of Trevor's grandfather I really wish I would have had the opportunity to meet him. He pasted away a few days before Trevor and I started dating in the 11th grade. 

We drove around for a bit and saw a lot of the land. It was so nice and beautiful! 

I'm pretty sure this was Trevor's favorite part of this trip and it was a lot of fun for me to see everything that he talks about when he refers to the Hunting Club.

I was anxious to get to the beach, so after we hung out and chatted for a bit with Sidney, Trevor and I got on the road again with Myrtle Beach as our next stop!

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