My Family

My Family

Monday, March 28, 2016

The CRIB is finished!!

My husband is truly amazing!!

It is beautiful!!!

A few years ago my grandpa build me the rocking chair you see in the first picture. It, of course, was meant for a future nursery, so when Trevor and I started thinking about furniture for the nursery, we thought it would be neat to try and get the crib to match the rocking chair. We weren't planning on matching it exactly, since my grandpa had built the rocking chair and Trevor was planning on building the crib, but we thought we could make them close. We mentioned this to my grandparents over Thanksgiving this past year when we shared the news with them that we were pregnant, and my grandpa said he still had a ton of the walnut wood left over from the same tree the rocking chair wood came from that he had no plans for and that we could use it. We happily accepted!! We ended up going to Kansas again over Valentine's Day weekend so Trevor could start working on it and have my grandpa's help. 
They got a lot of the fundamental stuff done in Kansas and we ended up bringing all the wood home to continue working on it. Trevor's uncle also does a lot of wood working, so Trevor took it to his uncle's shop so Trevor, his uncle and dad could all help. 

They put it together before they put the clear coat stain on it and lacquer. 

And then it was COMPLETE:
That is a cowhide rug next to it, ;) we don't have big brown spots on our carpet! And of course, Winston had to be in the pic!

Now it's time to get to work on this nursery!!
Baby M, we are so excited for your arrival!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I had one of the best breaks and we really had nothing planned. I got to sleep in (I woke up every day around 7, but that is totally sleeping in when you are used to getting up in the 5 o'clock hour), see lots of friends, clean my house, make dinners, relax, etc. I just did exactly what I wanted to do!

Here are some of the highlights!

  • The biggest thing that we did over spring break was work on the crib. Okay, I really didn't contribute much at all, but my hubby is working his tail end off to get this beautiful crib built. Here is a sneak peak...I will post more pics when it is complete. 

It is seriously BEAUTIFUL!! I cannot wait to share it all! I also can't wait for sweet baby m to sleep in it! What a treasured item that we will have forever! 

  • I did lots of shopping! This baby bump is getting bigger and bigger every day, so I did some shopping for some clothes that will hopefully get me through the school year. I even bought a pair of maternity pants and maternity shorts. I honestly felt defeated walking in that store, but once I tried them on, they were so much more comfortable than what I was working with, so I knew it was time to buy them. 

Here was my snapchat the other day! This baby thing is getting serious! 

I got to hang out with this sweet face!

Haircut day!! He is seriously a new pup when he gets a haircut!
I think he was sad on Monday when I had to go back to work.

  • I did some crafting. We bought new curtains at IKEA just the other week when we made our random trip to Kansas City and our curtain rods were just not the right color. 
BEFORE: It's hard to tell because of the sun light, but they are a light silver color.

I used a deglosser and then spray painted them Burnished Amber

AFTER: Again, kind of hard to tell, but they are now a dark bronze color. 

  • On my shopping adventures I couldn't help myself and I stopped by some baby stores...I even had some self control and I didn't buy a thing...but look at these cute things!
These might be beneficial for church :)

Look at that adorable hat and those boots! They also had the boots in pink in case it's a girl! :) I think my future sister-in-law is making baby m something like this, so I held off on purchasing these, because I'm sure whatever she whips up will be so adorable!
  • We went on LOTS of walks!! Seriously, our pups were spoiled over Spring Break. The weather was AMAZING and we took full advantage of it! I can't wait for the weather to stay beautiful!

  • Our last adventure was on Saturday. Trevor worked quite a bit over Spring Break, whether it was on the new business (I'll save that for another blog), working on the crib, or at his normal job. So, on Saturday we had a fun date day. I have been talking about wanting to go to The Purple Glaze on Brookside so we could get crafty, and Trevor must have remembered me talking about it because he definitely surprised me. 
I made a dog bowl for Winston. Hopefully this will be his new food bowl and Trevor made a mug with his new business logo on it. Once they are fired they will actually look a lot different. We don't get to pick them up until Thursday, so I will post an update then! :)

  • I also sang at church both weekends. I seriously LOVE getting to do this every weekend! It is such an uplifting place to be and I have made some amazing friendships over the last couple years. If you are looking for some place to attend church this weekend for Easter Sunday, I would LOVE for you to join us at LifeChurch in BA!

  • I mentioned awhile back that my amazing g-phi friends bought me a subscription to Le Tote for maternity clothes while I am on this fun adventure where my clothes don't fit. Well, I am officially large enough that some of my clothes aren't fitting...seeing as I mentioned earlier having to buy maternity pants! Well, I got signed up and my first box was delivered! Look at this cute dress...
Please ignore the unmade bed and Whiskey laying in the background! :)
 It actually makes getting dressed in the morning fun! Since Spring Break is over, I've got to have something to look forward to! :)

Well, that was my Spring Break in a nutshell! I told you it was not that exciting, but I definitely enjoyed it!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Birthday and Babymoon

The fun Kansas City adventure on my birthday was all a surprise, but this trip I knew about in advance. Last year in February Trevor and I stayed near Eureka Springs at a place called Beaver Lakefront Cabins. I absolutely loved it and knew that I wanted to go back sometime. When Trevor asked what I wanted for my birthday I mentioned going back to Beaver Lakefront Cabins and maybe making it a Birthday/Babymoon trip. Honestly, I thought babymoons were a little silly, so combining it with a birthday trip sounded more reasonable. ;) Trevor started looking into booking a room and he noticed they had a new cabin called the Hot Tub Lodge. It's basically a 5 couple house, but during the off season you could book only 2 of the rooms and they would shut off the upstairs. The lodge had a kitchen, living room, game room, 4 bedrooms/bathrooms, 2 huge decks and 2 large patios. One deck was enclosed and you could open the windows and the lower level deck was just screened in. The upper deck had a huge 10 person table and the lower deck had a hot tub on it. The game room had pool and darts and a full kitchen.

We have some friends, Shelby and Chapman, that are also preggo that are moving to Fort Worth soon, so we thought this would be a fun trip together before they moved and before our new baby adventure! 

We headed out on Friday morning around 10:45 and stopped in Rogers to grab some lunch. Check in was at 3, so we timed it pretty accurately and got settled in. 
Our home for the weekend. 

The weather was seriously so beautiful all weekend! Once we got settled in we went to our back patio and fired up the little fire pit and enjoyed the outdoors.

That night we grilled some chicken and ate dinner on our huge indoor/outdoor deck. After, we played some Uno and watched a movie. The tv they had in the living room was a 3D screen, so we wanted the movie Everest in 3D. Shockingly, I think I was the only one who stayed awake for the whole movie. It was definitely intense. 

The next morning Trevor and I got up and sat on the porch and read...check out this beautiful view. 

Once the Barlow's got up, Chapman made us some delicious breakfast burritos. We ate and chatted and then headed into Eureka Springs for the afternoon. We walked around all the shops and got a couple little souvenirs. 

We then ate lunch at the Mud Street Cafe before heading back to our cabin. 

The weather was seriously amazing, so we headed down to the dock to enjoy the sun and hang out. 

When the sun went down we played some pool and darts and then made burgers for dinner. 
Check out these burgers!!!

We then watched some tv and we all passed out early! 

Seeing as we stayed in the Hot Tub Lodge, Trevor said he had to get in the hot tub at least once during our stay, so he woke up early this morning and got some hot tub time. I would have joined him, but that is one of the no-no's while pregnant! :(

This morning we got all packed up and then headed back into Eureka to eat some brunch at the Local Flavor. 

It was seriously a great weekend with the sweetest people! I loved getting to spend my birthday with this little group and I am so excited to see how our lives are about to change! I'm so sad they are moving, but I have no doubt we will see them all the time!

Now we are heading back home. We have one more birthday celebration with Trevor's dads side of the family and then back to work tomorrow. I can't believe it's only a 4 day week and then hello Spring Break!

Friday, March 4, 2016


My sister-in-law bought me these cute blocks clearly for the baby...we were just being silly! ;)

I seriously have the BEST husband!!! Yesterday was totally unexpected but so special. Normally we plan something weeks before my birthday and I'm in on the planning, but not this year. Well, I thought I was but that plan doesn't start til today. I had planned to go to work on my birthday just like it was any other day and then the celebrating would start Friday. Trevor had other plans...he is good! Last Sunday he told me to take a personal day this Thursday..I was already taking a personal day Friday, because as I mentioned, we planned for the celebrating to start today. But I went ahead and listened because who doesn't love a surprise! Trevor wouldn't give me any hints all week. I had no idea what was up his sleeve.

I need to back up to last weekend for a moment. Trevor went out of town with a friend last weekend to go a work party/event in Dallas. His friend lives in OKC, so Trevor just had to drive to OKC and then his friend would drive to Dallas.  Jokingly, I said the only way he could go was if he ran by IKEA to get a rug I had been wanting. I was definitely kind of serious. ;) We don't have an IKEA in Oklahoma and we had no plans to go to a state with an IKEA in the near future, so I figured this was a great compromise. He agreed and was on his way. On Sunday when he got home I was so excited to see my new rug! However Trevor said that he accidentally left the rug in his friend's car which is obviously in OKC. However, his friend was coming to Tulsa this weekend, so he would bring it to us. I asked a million questions about the rug - price, size, exact color, where it would fit best in the room I was planning on putting it in and Trevor had an answer for every question. 

Fast forward to Thursday 3/3. The night before, Trevor gave me two pieces of info. I needed to be able to leave the house by 6:30 and that one of our destinations was in Kansas. I was pretty confused at this point but I went along with it. We left the house at 6:40ish and headed to our first stop. Our neighbors own a coffee shop in Owasso that we had never tried before, so since Owasso was on the way to Kansas, Trevor thought that would be a good breakfast spot. It was delicious. If you are near Owasso, hit up The Misty Brew Coffee Co. Then we were on our way. When we were about half way there Trevor told me about our next stop. He said we were heading to the IKEA in Kansas City. Obviously I was confused since he just went to one last weekend to get the one thing I wanted from there. It turns out that they didn't go to IKEA at all and he made it all up! He was pretty invested in this lie! So off to IKEA we went. Not only did we get the new rug I wanted for our bedroom, but we got new curtains for our bedroom, new rugs for the kitchen, some office stuff for Trevor's new business (I'll save that for a different blog) and some baby stuff. We always get in trouble at IKEA! Next, we ate some lunch. We just looked on zomato for good lunch restaurants near us and we found a place called Twisted Fresh. It was definitely delicious! At lunch Trevor revealed our next stop...the outlet mall! This next stop was just as much for him as it was me. Basically, we will be going through some major life changes soon...of course the baby, but also Trevor only working part time for Samson and him starting a business (again...I'll save that for another day!) So, Trevor had allotted so much money for us to spend and kind of "go crazy" before we need to buckle down and really get serious about budgeting again because of all the major life changes mentioned before. So that's what we did. We only had a couple hours at the outlet mall before we had to head back to Tulsa for our dinner plans, so we were fast and efficient shoppers. I now have several outfits to wear while pregnant, but I can also wear them after. I guess he got the hint every morning when I would say "I have nothing to wear!" It will at least get me through school before the summer months start and I can wear all comfy clothes. 

This is the only picture I got all day...our backseat filled with all our stuff!

Sorry for all words and no photos! That's so unlike me! 

When we got home we headed straight to the Cheesecake Factory. We had plans to meet my parents there and one of my best friends Ashley, whose Bitthday is on the 5th! We always celebrated together in college, so I loved that we got to be together again this time of year! 

Now we are off to our next Birthday adventure! Oh, and because I'm a math teacher I always have to find the hidden numerical irony of the day...I turned 22 weeks pregnant on 3/3. I love double digit numbers!

THANK YOU for all the Birthday wishes!!! I loved every text message, Facebook post, picture, etc! You all know how to make a girl feel special!