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My Family

Friday, June 30, 2017

June Date Nights

I'm a little behind on posting this since we were so busy with Brooks' birthday party. I can't believe we have one full year of date nights in the bag! It is truly the best thing that we could do for our marriage. I'm sure things will be a little tricky once we have two, but I am determined to keep this going. It is so important for our marriage and a great way to have intentional quality time.

June 1st: We decided to move our date night to Friday this night because we had a busy week. Brooks stayed at Trevor's dad's house for the night, so Trevor and I had a night to ourselves. We went to the Driller's game with Trevor's new company which was really fun because I got to meet so many people that he will be working with on a daily basis. Then, Trevor treated me to Pinkitzel.

June 8th: Trevor took me up to our house, we laid big pillows in the back of Trevor's truck and we stargazed. It was really neat. We used this app on our phones and we're able to see lots of neat things!

June 15th: We decided to double date with Trevor's dad and girlfriend. :) We owed them a sushi dinner for all their help on the house, so we decided to take them to In the Raw. It was delicious!

June 22nd: We built Brooks' Birthday present. You can read about it here.

June 29th: We had so much to do in preparation for Brooks' birthday that we decided to do a couple things. My parents watched Brooks for the evening and we decided to try a new restaurant as our date. We went to Smitty's Garage. They have really good tacos! Then we went to Sams and bought all the food for the birthday party.

Although we had a great month, we both decided we wanted to step up our "dating game" in July. A lot of dates were focused on Brooks last month due to his 1st birthday, so this month we want to bring the focus back to our marriage.

Since this is our one year celebration for date nights, I thought I'd post each link for the past year.
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I think my FAVORITE date from this year was our very first date night - you can read in detail about it here.

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