My Family

My Family

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Brooks is 11 Months!

I cannot believe that in 1 month this sweet little boy of mine will be 1! How did the time go so fast! His personality is in full bloom!

44 Weeks

45 Weeks

46 Weeks

47 Weeks
New things this month:
*We officially have our 2 bottom teeth!! I was beginning to think we were toothless! Haha!
*He loves to crawl and get places on his own. If we try to hold his hands and help him walk, he will bend his knees and collapse so he can just crawl.
*He is finally saying "mama"! BEST SOUND IN THE WORLD!
*He would rather play with tupperware or cups in the cabinet than most toys. Although, if he plays with toys he always goes for the cars/trucks/vehicles of some sort.
*We have cut him down to 2 bottles, one in the morning and one before bed, but other than that he just gets table food. He likes about anything we put in front of him! I'm so thankful to not have a picky eater on my hands...yet!

We had a fun filled is our life in pictures:

Enjoying life on land

Brooks found out he is going to have a baby BROTHER!

May 4th

Soon to be BIG BROTHER!

We traveled to Kansas to visit GG and Great Grandpa. You can read about that trip here.

He's never slept with us before, but since we got to Kansas around 3am, we let him crash with us the rest of the night. 

10 Months 7 Days: Little guy had a rough nap day. Sometimes you just do what you gotta do!

He LOVED shrimp and veggies.
Helping me make some of his birthday decor.

10 Months 10 Days

We love being outside.

Rooster Day Parade

MY FIRST MOTHERS DAY!!! Pregnant-the day he was born-now

Obligatory Mother's Day Photo :)
You can read about my amazing Mother's Day here.

10 Months 14 Days

Playdate...for the mamas! :)
Brooks: 10 Months 16 Days
Ryder: 3 Months 3 Days
Alec: 5 Days

Mayest with friends

10 Months 17 Days

I am so in love with this tiny human!

Funny faces

Brooks is excited to be the big brother! 20 Weeks pregnant!

Little dude just can't stay awake in the stroller!

Uncle Wes and Aunt Katy came to visit!!

Eating rocks.

These towel pictures are MY FAV!!! :)

Best dad award goes to this guy!!!

Somedays you need your dad to take a nap!

You can read about our fun Memorial Day here!


We love pasta!
Drillers Game with our LifeGroup! 
I <3 My Family! 10 Months 29 Days

Our first time in the pool this year! I'd say it was a success!!!!

This one was taken last August!

Fun times with cousins!
Whew! That was an eventful month! I am so excited for summertime and getting to swim and be outside all the time. We are also gearing up for Brooks' 1st Birthday and slowly truckin' along on our new home. Oh yeah, and getting ready for Baby #2! Should be an exciting next couple months!

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