My Family

My Family

Sunday, November 27, 2016

November Date Nights

We FAILED! November was crazy and we literally didn't have a date night. And to be honest, it feels like we didn't have a date night. I'm definitely craving some quality time. That is my main love language, so, obviously I LOVE date night and am really missing that time together. 

Trevor left for his big hunting trip in North Dakota the first Thursday of the month, so I asked him if we could do something small the night before. I sang at Switch that evening and then when I got home, Trevor had a sushi date planned. 

So I guess we did have 1 date night, but it feels like a long time ago!!

The second Thursday Trevor was still out of town on his hunting trip.

The third Thursday Trevor had something planned, but I came down with strep throat. Trevor had to take Brooks to his mom's house so I wouldn't get either of them sick. The next day Trevor came down with a stomach bug and a sinus infection. So, it was a rough go for a few days. 

The fourth Thursday was Thanksgiving, so we had some family time!
I'm ready for December so we can get back to our weekly date nights. 

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