My Family

My Family

Thursday, October 27, 2016

October Date Nights

Trevor and I are still going strong on weekly date nights and I wouldn't want it any other way. For those of you just joining me on this journey, before Brooks was born, Trevor and I decided we wanted to implement a weekly date night. Our date night is Thursday (unless our date requires it to be on a different night) and they are pre-planned. We switch off every week who plans them so it doesn't always fall on the guy. It doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to be planned. Most of them are at home after baby goes to sleep. 

If you want to read about our previous date nights, here they are!

October Dates...

October 6th: Trevor planned this one and we went to the fair! Trevor actually doesn't really like hates the fair, so it's kind of funny that this is what he chose. I enjoy it just so I can get my yearly corn dog! We thought this would be fun to take Brooks since he loves being outside. I think he enjoyed his first trip to the fair. Poor guy couldn't enjoy all the delicious food though. 

October 13th: was actually moved to October 14th because we bought tickets to go to a concert with some friends. One of Trevor's favorite artists is Cody Johnson and he was making an appearance at the Cain's Ballroom, so we got tickets. Our friends, Ben and Shelby, also like red dirt country, so we got tickets together. This was only the second time we asked someone to watch Brooks while we went on date night. The first time was in Michigan when we went Blueberry picking. I was less nervous this go round. We wanted to make a night of it, so we went downtown a little early and ate dinner at Prairie Brew Pub. We then went to Inner Circle and played some Connect 4 (I haven't played that since I was a kid) and then headed over to Cain's. 

We won every time!!

What a great night with awesome friends!!
Cody Johnson

October 20th: Trevor planned this date night and I have no pictures to show for it, but I will...on Saturday! I did a blog post last month titled Will You Join Me in a 30 Day Marriage Booster and it had a list of 30 things to do for/with your spouse to boost your marriage. Even if your marriage doesn't need "boosting" they are still fun to do for each other. One of them was "Plan a vacation for just the two of you." Since we just had a baby and we have some major trips coming up next year, we don't really have the budget/time to take a big Trevor had the idea to plan a day trip. We researched and planned a trip to Devil's Den State Park in Arkansas. The weather has been beautiful, so we thought it would be fun to go hiking. Brooks loves being outside, so we are actually going to take him with us. We love going places with him and experiencing things with him, so I think it will be a really fun day! I can't wait to share pictures on Saturday! It was fun to have this date night also include one of our marriage boosters! 

October 27th: We went to Bixby and visited Carmichael's Pumpkin Patch. We, of course, just took Brooks on this date night. It was fun to be there as a family and take pictures together. 

I LOVE my family!!

Like I said before, I am LOVING this date night idea. Yes, it takes a little effort and you have to be intentional with your time, but I look forward to it all week. You have to make your marriage a priority daily! It's that simple, but it's not always easy! Now, go date your spouse!

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