My Family

My Family

Thursday, July 28, 2016

July Date Nights

I posted a couple weeks ago how Trevor and I have implemented a date night every week. Our day is Thursday unless we know it just won't work out that day, then we pre-plan a different day. It is so important to continue to date your spouse. It doesn't have to be fancy or elaborate, but it does need effort! Some people say they don't have the time or they can't afford it, and I say, you can't afford NOT to! Your priorities lie where your money and your time are spent and I'd say your spouse should be somewhere at the top of your list!...#2 to be exact! Your relationship with God is #1 and your spouse #2! 

We decided we would take turns each week planning and prepping. You can read about our first two in July here:

1st Week: Trevor planned a "pinot's palette" night at home. We put Brooks to sleep and then had a few hours for wine and painting. (Pictures of this with more details are on the link I just posted.)

2nd Week: I planned to re-evaluated our goals that we set about a year and a half ago, celebrate the ones we accomplished, and we posted ones around our house that we want to accomplish soon. (Again you can read about more details on the link I posted above.)

3rd Week: Trevor planned a couple things. We had to do this date night on Tuesday because on Thursday we were going to be busy packing for our trip. We had a photoshoot at Saint John that morning and then we went to Trevor's work to introduce Brooks to all Trevor's co-workers. Since it was around lunch time, Trevor offered to take me to lunch. We went to the Daily Grill. I had never been there before and it was delicious!
Best lunch dates!!!

I thought that was going to be the extent of our date for this week, but when Trevor got home from work he surprised me and had more planned for our date night. He had bought stuff to make milk shakes and he had planned for us to play Wahoo. Trevor's great grandma had given us her Wahoo board awhile back, however, it is definitely old and looking a little beat up, so we recently bought a new one at Affair of the Heart. We hadn't had a chance to play on it yet, so this was the perfect time. Unfortunately, Brooks was not having a great evening that day, so we ended up having to have our date night while holding Mr. Cranky Pants. We knew this would happen occasionally, but it definitely didn't ruin date night by any means. 
Shake ingredients. 

This is our new OSU Wahoo board!

4th Week: We were actually in Michigan for a family reunion, but we were still committed. Trevor actually planned this one as well. I'll have to plan a couple weeks in a row in August. ;) This date was a "day date." Plus, this was our first time to leave Brooks! My dad offered to babysit while we were out. I did okay. By the end I was a little antsy to get back, but I knew he was in good hands. Brooks did really good as well, at least, that's what my dad said. They went outside for a walk and my dad sang songs to him. 
We went to eat lunch at a place called Champions Grill, we went blueberry picking and we went to get ice cream at a place called Captain Sundae. It's a famous ice cream place in Holland, MI and I just realized we'd never taken Trevor there in all the years we've been going to Holland. 
Lunch date!

Blueberry picking

A Tommy Turtle at Captain Sundae

I'm excited to get to spoil Trevor the next couple weeks! ;)

Happy dating!!

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