My Family

My Family

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

6 Year Anniversary

I used to think a year was soooooo long, but I feel like we just celebrated our 5 year anniversary, I can't believe our 6th has already come and gone.

Here is a recap of year 6:

*We had a baby!! We love you so much Brooks Gabriel Morris!

*We experienced a LOT of 1st since we welcomed a human into the world.

*We started DATE NIGHT every week!

*We went to a drive-in movie at the admiral twin.

*We were featured with Brooks in a St. John ad.

*We took a family vacation to Michigan when Brooks was 3 and half weeks old. He was a rockstar!

*We attended several weddings with Brooks.

*We put our house up for sale.

*We attended some OSU games and Brooks came right along with us.

*We designed our "dream home." We will actually never use these plans, but it was a fun process. We decided to go with a completely different layout.

*We participated in the zoo run. I ran the 5k and Trevor did the 10K.

*We were featured in Tulsa Kids as an ad.

*We saw Cody Johnson at Cain's with good friends.

*Whiskey turned 4.

*We were OSU themed for Halloween. Trevor was bullet, Brooks was Pistol Pete and I was the Spirit Rider.

*We hiked Devil's Den.

*Trevor went on a hunting trip while me and friend drove to Ft. Worth to see another friend.

*We did a juice fast.

*We celebrated Thanksgiving in Kansas.

*We went to Pawhuska and shopped at the Mercantile.

*We made sushi for the 1st time. It wasn't so good! haha!

*We sold our house and moved in with my in-laws.

*Winston turned 8!

*I accomplished my goal of playing guitar on stage at church. O Come to the Altar.

*We dedicated sweet baby Brooks at church.

*We went to an OSU basketball game.

*Trevor designed our house, and then re-did it and then re-did it 7 more times until we got exactly what we wanted. He did an amazing job!

*Trevor went full time with Armor Accounting.

*We had to do a ton of dirt work before we could actually start building our home.

*We were surprised by some amazing news that we were pregnant again!

*We re-did our house plans again since we were adding another family member.

*We attended Bedlam basketball.

*We went to St. Thomas to attend my brothers wedding! Congrats Katy and Wes!

*I turned 29.

*The building of our house finally began!

*We bought a Polaris Ranger - WE LOVE IT!

*Trevor turned 29.

*We found out we are having another BOY!

*We went to Kansas to see my grandma and so Trevor could go turkey hunting.

*We painted chickens at Pinot's Palette. I can't wait to see them in our home.

*I celebrated my 1st Mother's Day.

*Trevor started working for CCK and we are officially not self-employed anymore. (That story is for another day :) )

What a fun year!!! So many firsts with Brooks and such a change of pace since adding a little one to the picture. Life couldn't be any sweeter!

We mixed things up this year because we normally cook dinner at home and enjoy an evening in, but since we are kind of homeless (haha) we decided to celebrate out. I was craving sushi, but unfortunately many sushi restaurants are closed on Sundays, so we went to dinner at Kirin. Trevor then surprised me with dessert and we got Gelato at STG. I must have just been enjoying the evening, because I completely forgot to take any pictures until we got our gelato.

The 6 year traditional gift is Iron. We also set a limit to $10 this year because we have a lot of big purchases coming up, so we thought it would be fun to get creative. It's hard to find something made of iron for $10 or less. Some friends at church helped me and I was able to get Trevor some horseshoes, so I thought it would be fun to get him a horseshoe set to go at our new house. Trevor got me a Rocket Brothers gift card because I have been craving some of their yummy drinks. Rockets are made of iron of course! :)

HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY TREVOR!!! The past 6 years with you have been a dream come true! You make life more fun and you truly are my better half! Thank you for always encouraging me, inspiring me and always making me a better person. I will never stop loving you!

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