My Family

My Family

Friday, March 31, 2017

March Date Nights

For those of you that are just joining, Trevor and I decided when our son, Brooks, was born that we were going to implement a date night every week. We knew that a baby would definitely change things and time together was one of those; so we wanted to combat that with a date night every week. We switch off each week on who is going to plan the date, so one person doesn't always get stuck doing it. My love language is quality time, so it definitely keeps my love tank full (read the Five Love Languages if you are not familiar with that!)! 

March was filled with a lot of fun! So here we go...

March 2nd: We were in St. Thomas, so I would consider the whole 6 days we were gone as date night! We had such a great time celebrating my brother and his beautiful bride! I also got to celebrate my 29th Birthday laying on a beach! Doesn't get much better than that!

March 9th: We went on a picnic! I planned this one. I packed some crackers, cheese and duck sausage (we have a plethora from Trevor's hunting last year) and we went to La Fortune Park and enjoyed the afternoon. There was a little more to this date than just a picnic. We REALLY needed our trip to St. Thomas, like REALLY needed time away! I have gone away on weekend trips and Trevor has too, but St. Thomas was our first time to get away without Brooks together. I didn't realize how important that was until we were on the trip and we're able to reconnect and rejuvenate. Soooooo...on our picnic, we started planning our next trip. 

March 16th: We subscribed to Hello Fresh and decided to cook our first meal together. We made Lobster Ravioli and Shrimp!

 And then we made s'mores for dessert! :)

March 23rd: We moved our date night to Tuesday. Trevor planned this one. He took me to Pei Wei (because I had been craving it for a week) and then he took me to an afternoon showing of The Shack. Seriously, such a good movie!

March 30th: PIZZA NIGHT! We went to the store and bought everything necessary to make a pizza at home.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas for date nights and you can start something like this in your home! Trust me, it's worth it!!!

Here are more ideas if you are struggling:
Pinot's Palette night at home
Setting goals for your family
Make shakes at home
Play a game (wahoo, ping pong, mancala)
Go blueberry picking
Make a dessert
Have a water balloon fight
Decorate coffee mugs
Watch a favorite TV show
Pick a country and make a meal based on that country
Go see a movie/movie night in the park
Go to a concert
Plan a day to go hiking
Make sushi together (this one wasn't easy!)

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  1. I admire both of you so much the passion and faith you both have is something you don't see a whole lot today. Love you both even when we are seperated by distance