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My Family

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Automobile Chronicles

A lot of exciting things happened this weekend, so I thought I would do a couple blogs today to catch up! ...The most exciting thing that happened was Trevor and I got a new car!!! A Jeep Wrangler Sport! Now before I get into the details about that...I'm going to take a walk down memory lane with my car history...

First up, my dream car since I was 5 *A white Jeep Wrangler*!
I absolutely LOVED this car! I have two memories that really stick out that happened in this car. My first being, a month after I turned 16 I decided to take a trip to Stillwater to see my brother for his birthday. I missed the Stillwater exit and turned around on the highway and got pulled over. The cop was nice enough (this time) to just give me a warning! Well I was only going to stay a couple hours because I had to drive back home that night so I could go to school the next day. Well on the way home, the same cop from earlier pulled me over again because I was speeding. He wasn't so kind this time because I got my first ticket! But who can say they have been pulled over by the same cop twice in the same night for two different offenses! I probably shouldn't be bragging about that!
The other memory is mine and Trevor's first date. Trevor drove to my house and then we were both going to drive to my friends house before going to dinner. Well I didn't even look behind me when pulling out of my drive-way and hit the side of Trevor's truck. I then had to meet his dad for the first time following this event! A great first impression I'm sure! It only did about $15 worth of damage to my car...but it did $1500 worth of damage to Trevor's truck. He likes to say he kept me around in the beginning to make sure I paid his truck off...but I'm pretty sure there was more to it! ;)

I had many great times in the jeep, but when senior year of high school rolled around, my parents moved to south Tulsa and I had to drive about 50 miles a my dad decided to get me a car with better gas mileage, so here came the Volkswagen Jetta
This was a fun car to have, but it has probably been my least favorite! I have one memory that stands out from this car and it was right after I bought it. The following weekend after buying the car my brother and I decided to drive to Nebraska to visit his girlfriend at the time. I was so excited about my new car that I really wanted to drive it. Well with it being standard, it did not have cruise control. And my brother did not know how to drive I had to drive the whole 7 some hour trip with no cruise control! Well that was only the start of our problems. We got a little down the road and the A/C went it was the beginning of June when we made this trip so you can only imagine how hot it was! So we had to travel windows down the whole way, and only roll them up when someone had to talk on the phone. The further we got, the more things that went wrong. Eventually the radio stopped working. Then it started raining and we realized my windshield wipers didn't work. And as it became dark outside we turned on my lights and they were so dim that I had to drive the whole time with my brights on just to see at all in front of me! So, needless to say, it was a trip I will never forget. But it was also one of the best memories I have hanging out with my brother.

We eventually got all of these things fixed and it ended up being a great car, but because it didn't have cruise control, it didn't really make a good long term car especially when traveling back and forth from college.

So next up was the Mercedes Benz ML320
This is the car that I have owned the longest! I really liked this car and was somewhat sad to see it go, but every time something broke it cost 5X more than what a normal car would cost just because it had the Mercedes name on it. Even getting an oil change was twice as expensive! So when we got married, Trevor was very adamant to get it sold. Most of my college days were in this car and something I always thought was funny was during recruitment, each sorority house would make sure the girls that had the best cars would be parked where everyone going through recruitment could see them. This little car made the cut every year! haha! We also traveled a lot in this car. It has been to Kansas, Colorado, Florida, Texas (several times), Missouri, and Michigan. It was always a great car to travel in!

Which leads me to my NEW CAR!!!! Ever since I sold my first Jeep I have always wanted another one. I absolutely LOVE driving standard, and I just love the look of Jeep Wranglers. They are so unique! The one thing I was skeptical about was giving up cruise control. Especially with me living in Branson right now and Trevor living in Tulsa, I don't think I would even want to make one trip without cruise control. Well my mom and I went and test drove this Jeep and I absolutely loved it...the second he told me it had cruise control, I knew Trevor was in trouble because I was determined to get this Jeep!!!
I test drove it on Wednesday and by Friday we had bought it! So between Wednesday and Friday I had a lot of work to do! Since we weren't going to sell my car until after we bought a new one, we ended up having to take out a loan. Now, there is double standard with loans. You can't get a semi-large loan until you have taken out a loan before, but if you can't take out a loan without having a previous loan, how are you ever going to get a loan! So this definitely took some wheeling and dealing! But I was pretty darn proud of myself because I handled all the paperwork and all the technical stuff myself. Since Trevor had to work the same hours the loan office was open, I had to get all the affairs in order. The only thing Trevor had to do was get off work a little early and get the papers signed. But I have to say I learned a lot of little details along the way. And we were really fortunate because I put my car on craigslist and less than a day later it was sold. So we are lucky we don't have to deal with 3 cars right now!

We have been in such a rush since we got the Jeep that today is really our first day to just enjoy it. So we drove it all around Branson today and just enjoyed the weather! I have nicknamed her Golden Goddess! ;)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!! I will be driving as much as possible enjoying life's little things! ;)

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