My Family

My Family

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tis the Season

This past weekend was such a wonderful weekend! Trevor and I decided to make a Branson trip to visit friends! Trevor has never been to Branson during the holidays so it was exciting to show him all the lights and of course catch up with some of the greatest friends! When we got in town on Friday night we went over to a friends house who was hosting a party for us! Thanks Rachel and Dave!! ;)
Love these ladies! Me, Tracy, Rachel, and Emily

One of my favorite gals!!!
On Saturday I was a terrible mom (to my puppy)! Winston's birthday was on Saturday, December 17, and I felt terrible because I was out of town. So he got to hang out with my mom all weekend!
Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet puppy Winston!!
While my mom was hanging out with Winston, Trevor and I were enjoying ourselves out at Silver Dollar City. Instead of being an employee though, we were the tourists! We went and saw the couple shows there (Dickens and the Saloon Show), and went through the cave. After working there for 2 years, I hadn't gone through the cave yet, so we thought it was time!
Emily rockin' it out!!! ;)


In the Marvel Cave
Throughout the day Trevor and I would go into some stores at Silver Dollar City to warm up a little...we stumbled across this...
Now this made us laugh because we really wanted to get it for my parents. The story behind that is, when Trevor first got me Winston they basically told him getting me a puppy was a terrible idea. Once he got me the dog, my parents wouldn't even let me stay the night at their house for a weekend if I had the dog with me because they didn't want him to ruin their carpet. They basically just didn't believe in having an indoor dog. Well now my parents are obsessed with Winston. When I would come home from college, they would get upset if I didn't bring the dog. And now that we live with my parents, they are always playing with him. So we thought this would be the perfect gift for them!

Overall, we had such a wonderful weekend! It was amazing catching up with friends and getting to see their Christmas shows! Sadly, I will not be going back to Branson to perform because of my new job, but I will be visiting them frequently!
Only 5 days until Christmas! Wahoooo!!!!

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