My Family

My Family

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Holidays!

This past weekend Trevor had a Christmas work party that we attended and the following night we took a limo with a bunch of friends to go and look at Christmas lights around Tulsa. It has definitely put me in the Christmas spirit...since this is mine and Trevor's first Christmas together there is a lot of pressure to start creating new traditions of our own! We started by making some hot chocolate and marshmallows, getting some cookies, and of course including Winston in all the festivities. 
Next up, we decorated out little living room that we like to call "home" right now.

I absolutely LOVE my place mats! ;)
And then we put up our tree. This was somewhat of a last minute decision because a day  before we put up the tree we didn't own one. Trevor's great grandma was nice enough to give us her old Christmas tree, Trevor's grandma gave us spare lights that she had, and Trevor's mom gave us ornaments that she bought last year after Christmas that had never been used! So Thank You Trevor's family for the wonderful tree and decor!

You can't see the tree topper, but there is one up there! ;)
Now, on to wrapping presents! I absolutely LOVE wrapping presents and I'm pretty sure Trevor HATES it because he has only given me one wrapped present since we started dating and he wasn't even the one that wrapped it! The other day we were at Sam's Club and we saw cute wrapping paper for only $7. I'm really happy I like what it looks like because I think it will literally last for 10 years! I guess sometimes it pays to buy in bulk!

Here are a couple pictures from our lovely Christmas weekend!

Work party at Post Oak Lodge


This picture was taken solely because Bullock was complaining he has not made the blog!! haha! So this one is for you!

Lastly...I am proud to say even Trevor is in the Christmas spirit now! He usually doesn't like Christmas music and is never as excited as I am about presents...but he even broke down and bought a Christmas tree for his office...


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