My Family

My Family

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Anniversary Gifts: Better Late than Never

This past June we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary (click on it to see the details) and we decided that instead of getting each other big gifts we would spend the money and get our diplomas framed and hung (finally). I really didn't like any of the standard diploma frames. Most of them were too simple and the ones that were really neat where you can put your tassel and everything in it were WAY too expensive. Plus, I wanted something that would go with our house. So I recently found some frames at Michaels (kind of rustic) and they were on the clearance shelf for only $9.99, so I went ahead and bought 3 of them. (We have quite a few diplomas-my bachelors, Trevor's bachelors, my teaching certificate, Trevor's masters, and Trevor's CPA which is HUGE!) So technically I needed 4 small ones and 1 large one. Since I only found 3 at Michaels I decided that it wasn't crucial to hang my teaching certificate, so I was happy with what we got. A few weeks later we stopped by a different Michaels to get some stuff for the cake I made for our anniversary and I ended up finding another one of the frames that I bought hidden way behind all the other clearance items (SCORE!) so of course I bought it. Now, all we had to do was find a large frame for Trevor's CPA. The frames were larger than the diplomas so we knew we would have to get mats for them (which are not cheap by the way!) So we went to hobby lobby to pick out some mats-we ended up doing a double again, not cheap. The mats costs almost double the frames! But that's okay, we knew this is what we wanted and since we got frames for cheap, we knew we could splurge a little on the mats. While in Hobby Lobby, Trevor found a huge frame that he just loved! Of course it had orange in it. So we purchased that for his CPA - again, this frame was on clearance and we ended up getting it for $17. When you see the frame, that might shock you! So we ordered all the mats and then we had to wait for Hobby Lobby to make them all. We just got them back recently and hung everything last night!...take a look!

Don't they look AWESOME!!! I'm so excited! I love the frames and I love the double mat with the slight orange in them! I do have to give Trevor most of the credit here, I did pick out the smaller frames but everything else was all him. He chose the large frame for his CPA and he made all the decisions on the mats. My hubby has good taste!

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