My Family

My Family

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Finished the Doghouse...Finally!

Do you remember my blog back in September of last year? No, that's okay, it was a LONG time ago. Well, last September I blogged about first getting a new puppy (Whiskey the lab) and I also showed pictures of the doghouse that Trevor's dad, Bobby, made for Trevor for his birthday. (you can view that blog here!) His dad also made this cute little dog bone shaped sign that had his name on it! Finally, (10 months later) we got his name nailed to his here's the final product!

Isn't he the cutest!!! When we moved into our house and got the doghouse set up I painted it using the same color scheme that's on our house.

Speaking of dogs, we are having some issues here in the Morris household...look at this...
Winston is having skin issues. He gets dry skin and then he scratches and bites at himself until he has little scabs all over his body! It's so sad, so he is on two different antibiotics for that. Whiskey is having bowel movement issues. He hasn't gone #2 normally for two weeks now. So he is on an anti-diarrhea antibiotic. Poor babies!

Does anyone else spend more money on their dogs than themselves? I swear I should have become a vet. I wouldn't even have to open my own practice, I would just tend to our two pitiful dogs! They are totally worth it though!
Have a happy weekend!!

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