My Family

My Family

Monday, July 8, 2013

Father's Day

Not only was celebrating Father's Day a little late for us, but me writing this post is even more late!! Trevor decided to take his dad golfing for Father's Day and he intends on taking his step-father golfing soon as well. I'm glad they all have that hobby in common because it's nice to spend quality time with someone rather than just buying them a gift. (My love language is quality time, so of course I would think of this! :))
My dad was in Washington, DC over Father's Day and the day he got back Trevor and I were heading to South Carolina, so just last week were we able to celebrate. Sticking with the theme of quality time this year, Trevor and I decided to take my parents out to eat at my dad's and my favorite restaurant...Ricardo's! After dinner we decided to take my parents mini golfing (not only was quality time our theme this year, but I just noticed that golf was as well). We only have one mini golf course in Tulsa that I know of, so we went to All Star Sports Complex. They have batting cages, mini golf, pool, an arcade...lots of activities. My mom wanted to do the batting cages, but she declined when she heard they only had slow pitch (apparently she played fast pitch in high school and after not playing for 20 some years, thinks she still has it! haha) Who knows, maybe she would have done really well.
me with my mom and dad

Trevor and I with my dad
We had a great time spending quality time together and I know Trevor had fun with his dad and is looking forward more golf with his step-dad! We love that we live so close to family that we can just make plans anytime we like. What did you all do for Father's Day? Did you get to spend some quality time together?

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