My Family

My Family

Monday, July 1, 2013

SC Trip: Atlanta

The end of our 7th day and our 8th day were spent in Atlanta. My very best friend from college, Nichole, now lives in Atlanta so we decided to break up our trip a little and stop there for a night. When we got in town on Friday we ate dinner with her and her boyfriend Josh at a restaurant called The Nook. We got to eat outside and it had a great atmosphere. Trevor and I tried a burger that had mac and cheese in the middle! Crazy right? We also had some delicious loaded tater tots for an appetizer.

Nikki and I outside the Nook
That night we just went back to Josh's condo and chatted for a bit. We talk on the phone all the time but there is nothing like actually hanging out and talking face to face!

The next morning Josh was at a bachelor party event, so Nikki, Trevor and myself went to brunch at a place called Treehouse. It was a quaint little place with great outdoor seating.

That afternoon we just relaxed and hung out by the pool. After we got some sun we went and got ready to go to the Braves game that afternoon. They were playing the Diamondbacks, which we thought was a bit of a coincidence since a good friend of ours used to work for the Diamondbacks!

Trevor and I bought some shirts while there. Chipper Jones just retired his jersey, so they had a ton of his shirts in the gift shop which is exactly what Trevor wanted. Our shirts say Jones on the back!


It was a great game. They were pretty well tied up until the end of the 8th inning when the Braves started getting a bunch of runs. I think the total was 11-5. After the game we went to dinner at a place called Noche which is a Tapas bar and grill. It was amazing!

After dinner, Trevor and I decided to hit the road so we could drive through the night! We left at about 10:45pm on Saturday night and got home at 9:30am Sunday morning.

We took a picture of the miles that we traveled on this trip!! 2,549!!! Crazy!
When we got home we took a long nap and now we are getting back in the groove of real life! We had an amazing time with family, learned a little more about each other, and had a great time traveling together! I'm already excited for our next vacation!!!

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