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My Family

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wall Collage

Note: This is another project I did about a month ago and am just now getting the time to blog about it!
When we moved into our home I knew I wanted a wall collage on a certain wall in our home. At the time we had a ton of wedding gifts that we hadn't used yet and when we got to reopen them after we moved in, I decided to hang these Live Laugh Love frames that we got.
I absolutely loved it. The middle picture is our engagement photo from Holland, MI and all the other photos I did in black and white. The big "M" I purchased at Hobby Lobby to complete the circle. I loved all the frames and the whole collage, but I kept seeing these cute ideas to get all different style frames and hang those like a collage. So after a long while, I broke down and bought all new frames! - all different! I still like the matchy-matchy look, but in the living room, I wanted something a bit more rustic, since that's how we are trying to decorate our home. So here is the new collage.

I LOVE IT! And I decided to hang all wedding photos up there since we paid money to have them taken and I haven't printed ANY off yet!! Haha! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the other frames yet, but I'm thinking they will look good in our bedroom. The hubs hates hanging things because I'm really picky, (we usually have to hang things 3 times before we actually get it straight!) so I will have to ask him on a good day! :)

Also, check out these really neat end tables I found at hobby lobby to go with our new rustic look!

I just love how our home is coming together!!

Does your house have a theme?

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