My Family

My Family

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Trevor and I will be welcoming a new member to our family very not a baby!! We decided last spring that we wanted to get a lab puppy. Well really Trevor has always wanted a hunting dog and he has always grown up with labs, so it was the obvious choice. Lab puppies are in high demand and it is one crazy business! We had to put down a deposit before the mom was even pregnant with puppies! So this past April/May we put down the deposit and last week our sweet puppy was born!! We get the 1st pick and we can't decide if we want a chocolate lab or a white/yellow lab! We haven't actually seen them in person, but here are a couple pictures of the males!

Aren't they the CUTEST!!!!! They look so tiny and I can't wait to actually see them in person!
We had originally decided on a different breeder and we thought we were going to get a dog the week after we moved into our house, but we ended up changing directions and going with this breeder...but in the mean time, we had already built a dog house! Trevor's dad decided to tackle the project one afternoon...

He might spend a couple nights in there...JUST KIDDING!

Since Trevor's dad works on roofs, he put better shingles on our dog's house than what we have on our house!

I painted the dog house and the trim. We actually painted it so it would match our house!

The only thing we have left to do is put his name on the front...yes we have already decided on a name and it is...

We cannot wait until October 16th when we get to take home our new little puppy! I;m sure our current pup Winston will be a jealous mess!! Doesn't he look thrilled about having a brother?


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