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My Family

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2nd Anniversary

Where has the time gone!! I can't believe that Trevor and I just celebrated our 2nd Anniversary! Here are a few pictures of our amazing day 2 years ago!

Last year I posted about our 1st anniversary and you can view that here if you are interested! We had just moved into our home last year, so we just wanted to have a relaxing evening at home!
We kind of wanted the same thing this year. At the end of June we are taking a trip and we are calling that our "anniversary trip" so we had a nice relaxing evening last night. First up, awhile back I decided that I wanted to make a cake for our anniversary. My friend, Andrea, makes awesome cakes, so I asked if she would help me! Although she did most of the work, I did help a little and it turned out amazing! Since we were going to have a nice evening at home, I decided to make a dinner from the Pioneer Woman cook book- Spicy Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork. For our side item, we made herb roasted sweet potatoes. Everything was absolutely amazing! After dinner we decided to have a little competition, so we played some darts and foosball- and since I didn't beat Trevor at either of those, we whipped out the Wii! I still didn't have much luck, but it was a great evening! We decided a few weeks ago that we were going to make some personal and relationship goals that we would like to accomplish this year. The catch is, we are not going to share them with each other until our next anniversary and at that time we will see if we accomplished any. We were planning on finalizing that last night, but we forgot...we also forgot to watch our wedding our anniversary is going to be continuing this evening! :) I'm not complaining!
Here are a few pics of last night!
Celebratory champagne in our personalized wedding glasses!!
Dinner before

yummy meal!
Our AMAZING Anniversary cake!!


Happy Anniversary babe!!! You are an amazing husband, supporter and friend! I love you more with each day that passes!!!

Love and be happy, be loved and be happier!

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