My Family

My Family

Monday, May 7, 2018

Morris Brothers 22 & 7

This has been such a fun month with these two boys. They are interacting more and more and it makes me so excited for the brotherly relationship they are going to have! 

Brooks turned 22 Months on May 1st and Rhett turns 7 Months on May 9th. 

All About Brooks:
*This kid is a ham! He seriously cracks me up and his personality is shining through more and more each month.
*He LOVES books! In the car ride to Florida, that is what kept Brooks happy...books and books and books. I love that he enjoys it so much and he learns SOOOOOO much from them. We know so many different animals and animal sounds, we know all sorts of vehicles and things that drive. We know all kinds of foods and other things that we don't see daily, just from books. There is a parachute in one of his books that we talk about, which he has never seen in person, only in this one book. When we were in Florida there was a para-sailor and Brooks was pointing at it saying "parachute parachute." It was so cool because it that moment I knew he was learning so much through books.
*I think we have an 11th tooth breaking through.
*He is the SWEETEST brother. I know this will probably change through the years, but I'm praying it won't. He gets so concerned when "Bubby" is crying and he loves when Rhett chases him around the house in his walker. He always wants to show Rhett books and everything else that he loves. Yes, he takes toys from "Bubby" sometimes, but he is usually good about taking it back to him and saying sorry. 
"Last month his answer to most questions was "no" and this month it's "yeah." Haha!
*His FAVORITE activity is riding the Ranger. Every day when Trevor gets home he starts saying "Ranger Ranger." It's our family time in the evenings. I love that we live on land and have the opportunity to do these fun things with our kiddos. 
*We had a little tummy virus that was passed from Rhett to Brooks. One Tuesday morning Brooks slept until 10:45am. That NEVER happens. Haha! But, I just thought he was making up sleep from vacation and sleeping in the car. We went to Panera with my mom after he got up and right when we walked in the doors, Brooks puked everywhere. I felt so bad for him because I could tell he was embarrassed and obviously a little shocked at what happened (he has never thrown up before). Thankfully the workers were so kind! And thankfully Brooks was only under the weather 1 day. Rhett was a different story!
*He loves giving kisses!! Talk about melting my heart! :)

All About Rhett:
*What a big month for this kiddo! We starting sitting up really well. I don't trust him all by himself, so I either sit behind him or I surround him with pillows.
*He is a rolling machine. I will put him on the floor in the living room and then next time I look, he has rolled on the concrete floors into the dining room! Haha! Who needs crawling when you can roll!
*He wants to hold EVERYTHING. If you have something in your hand, it is his mission to get it and then it usually goes in his mouth.
*He did great sleeping this month. No more issues with that thankfully!
*He did roll over in his sleep suit, so we had to ditch that. He is now sleeping in a sleep sack. I'm hoping to have him sleeping with nothing soon, but for now, the sleep sack is perfect.
*He is talking and communicating more and more. If something is taken from him (usually from big brother) he has found a way to grunt and communicate so he can get it back. Haha!
*He loves eating solids and loves to join us at dinner time now.
*He had a huge growth spurt while we were in Florida and seemed to be hungry all the time. It showed in his weight because right before we went to Florida we were at the doctor for our 6 month check up and we were 16 lbs 6 oz. Right when we got back from FL we went back to the doctor because little man was running a really high fever for a few days (it was a tummy virus) and he weighed 17 lbs 4 oz. Whoa! In one week he gained almost a whole pound! 

Now onto our life in pictures...
Bedtime snuggles! 

Playtime on the porch!

We love books!

Lunch time

Sitting up like a big kid!

He love me! Haha!

We went on vacay this month to Florida. You can read about it here, but here are my 3 favorite picture from that trip...

Back to reality! :)
Park day. 

I'm so glad Trevor and I built this sandbox for him for his 1st birthday. We have spent hours playing in that thing!

My ice cream date!

Birthday lunch for Trevor. Yummy Cheddars!

Family Ranger Rides

We love this swing that my grandpa built!


When mom is at church...

Cousin play time!

Family walks 

Trevor is the sweetest. This guy got his lawn mower stuck and of course Trevor offered to help. This is the closest thing we have to neighbors. Lol. Such a good role model for our boys!

This pretty lady is meant to be a BOY MOM! 

Zoo Dates

This little stinker rolled over in his sleep suit. Brooks did the same thing at about this age so I knew it was coming. Now this baby is a tummy sleep...he gets that from his mama. 

Our new books also can be used as blocks!  ;)

Some bloopers!

I love these little babies so much. I was at church all day yesterday and I seriously missed them so much. I loved coming home and getting to snuggle them both. I know I'm with them all the time, but I still miss them when I am gone. I'm so thankful for getting the opportunity to stay home with them in these years. Financially, it was definitely scary at first, especially since we were starting a new business at the same time, but it is amazing how God provides. LOVE YOU SO MUCH BROOKS AND RHETT!

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