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My Family

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

JOIN MY TEAM!!! Usborne Books and More

I NEVER saw myself working in, NEVER! Ha! I don't want to be pushy, I don't want to bother people, I'm a terrible sales person....yep, I've said it all and yet somehow here I am and I'm loving it! Have you said those words before? Then, this could be the perfect business for you! Because it's non of those things! It's sharing your passion of literacy and books with people. It's connecting with woman and helping them have quality family time!

I get to work from home and live out what I'm trying to help families do! CONNECT! I get to set my own schedule and be as busy or not busy as I want. PLUS, my kids are getting to do this right next to me. They are gaining entrepreneurial skills starting at a young age. Their library has grown tremendously and their love of reading has me EXCITED!

I have an INCREDIBLE TEAM! When you join my team with Usborne Books and More, you join a FAMILY. We encourage each other, support each other, cheer each other on and are always helping each other! You will not be in this alone!

There are few gifts as great as the gift of reading! Whether your child loves to read or hates to read, there is magic when you find something that connects with him or her. This is what I love about Usborne Books and More! They provide books that go beyond expectations to engage children to LOVE learning and often not know they are learning! You don't need to be an expert educator or have printed and laminated everything, like you see on Pinterest, to engage you children. You can start with a few good books. And you can begin with a consultant kit full of books at less than half the cost.

ZERO!! Zero really is truly the amount of commitment you must make to this business to get discounted books in the consultant kit. Not only can you get a box of discounted books, you will get 25% back on every purchase you make on books for yourself or gifts (or from what anyone buys from you) from that point on!

Easy as that, no commitments.


So, what is the damage???

You actually have two options.
We have a Mini Kit for $75 which includes 10 BOOKS! **This is over a $100.00 value!!!**
Or we have one that is $125 which include 20 BOOKS! **This is over a $200.00 value!!!**

Your kit comes with 6 months of free website use so you can try it out and see if anyone wants to buy books from you while you earn a commission. If you'd like to continue with Usborne after that, the only thing you pay to keep it up is $8/mo for the website. Seriously, that's IT!! And when you receive 25% in commission (plus many promotions and incentives along the way in addition to this if you choose to meet the challenges), this is very, very little. But, there's more...Usborne will actually REIMBURSE the cost of your kit to you if you hit certain sales goals in your first 30 days. So, you could possibly sign up and make money without it costing you a dime. Keep reading for more info!

We need consultants of all kinds. Do you just want books for your kids? Do you want to try it out for a season and see how it fits with your family? Do you want to just earn enough to put your child in a special class? Do you want to be able to bless your child's preschool or another organization with free books? Do you want to go full-time working from home on your own flexible schedule and support your family? Do you want to earn trips, incentives, promotions, extra income, make friends and join an incredible team? I can't wait to work with each of you!

Usborne Books and More has been here in the U.S. as a direct-selling company for over 40 years. Usborne has been a publishing company in the U.K. for much longer. Here in the U.S. we also work with Kane Miller, a publishing company here (you can see a listing of Kane Miller books on our shopping website). We are a tried-and-true company who has lasted, has experience in supporting our consultants, is on the cutting edge with growth and expansion, and has been expanding greatly over the past five years. While we are growing, we are also very family-focused and have a team feel. You will not be overlooked joining our team. You will be cared for, your questions will be important and you will be a part of our team!

If you need to take a break, we will not pressure you. If you want to push through the roof and earn great goals, we will support you and cheer you on. If you want to return after a big break, we will welcome you with open arms. This company and especially our specific team has blown me away with the supportive attitude, helpful resources, encouraging challenges and goals, amazing incentives and I'm thankful to be a part of it! It has changed me for the better.

Here are just a few reasons I love Usborne for me:

  • I get to pass along free books to my hostesses who invite their friends to a party.
  • With every party I host, children around the globe are getting incredible books into their homes and their love of reading is growing!
  • I get to give 50% back of my sales in free books to organizations if I host a book fair with them.
  • I have been able to LOAD my home library to overflowing with incredible high-quality books for my children.
  • My children LOVE reading and we rarely watch TV.
  • I get to work from home on my own time with my two littles right beside me.
  • I've made incredible friends already.
  • This has opened doors and built confidence in me that I didn't know I needed. 
  • This is not just a job, it's a joy!
  • I get to earn incentives, free books, trips, CASH and more.
  • I've had the pleasure of sending thousands of dollars in books to a non-profit to benefit children in need. 
  • I've had the opportunity to work with a woman in the Philippines and send hundreds of dollars to a trauma-sensitive school for orphans and rescued kids! WOW! This is so much bigger than me!

What will it hurt to try it out? Join my team and host a launch party. I'll help you do it! Whatever you sell, you'll get 25% back in commission. But, there's I said...Usborne will actually REIMBURSE the cost of your kit to you if you hit certain sales goals in your first 30 days. So, you could possibly sign up and make money without it costing you a dime. PLUS, your consultant kit full of books would be FREE, you would earn FREE books in addition to your kit refund and you would be able to redeem HOSTESS REWARDS from your party (which would be DOUBLE FREE rewards for all parties during a new consultant's first 90 days). Have you done the math yet on how many free books and commission you would get? Let's say you sell $2000 in 30 days (very very doable!), you would not only get your kit reimbursed, you'd get all those books from your launch party rewards, you'd have set up your other hostesses with a bunch of free books and you would have earned at least 25% of that $2000 in sales, so a paycheck of $500. You heard me right! Plus, no website fees and total support from me, your team leader and the rest of the team. (I didn't even mention other goodies from reaching sales challenges like these and a 4% monthly bonus every time you sell over $1000 in a month. And there are smaller goals if $2000 doesn't happen for you as well, so why not try?).

How would this opportunity help your family?
How could it change your family for the better??
If you don't try, you'll never know. 

If you'd like to know more, contact me at or on Facebook. I'd love to chat with you!

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