My Family

My Family

Monday, May 7, 2018

Trevor's 30th Birthday Wiffle Ball Game

This year for Trevor's birthday, he wanted to play Wiffle Ball. It seems random BUT, we have some friends that do this every year for their birthday. We were invited last year and had so much fun. (Thanks for the idea David and Amy!) Trevor came home that night and ordered a Wiffle Ball set and has been talking about it ever since. So, that's what we did!

Since we celebrated on Cinco de Mayo (we celebrated a little late due to being out of town and a hectic schedule) we decided to have a Mexican feast. We had tacos, taquitos, queso, chips, dip and dessert. I don't think anyone went hungry.
It was fun finally getting to have people over to our house and getting to entertain. We have missed that since selling our other house.

This is where we played Wiffle Ball. Thankfully it was not a muddy mess like we were expecting. It turned out perfect. 

These families are so special to me! Thank you for making us a priority and coming to celebrate!

By chance 6 years ago we moved in next to these people. Seriously, God had his hand in our lives before we even knew it.  We were so lucky to have them as neighbors for 4 years! We love you Randy and Cassie! And your sweet kiddos. 

You all are true friends! Thank you for coming out to celebrate Trevor! We loved staying up wayyyyy too late catching up with y'all! 
What a fun day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREVOR and congrats to your team on winning the Wiffle Ball game!

Trevor's actual birthday is April 27th. We did celebrate as a family that day too. I went up to Trevor's work so I could meet his new co-workers and see his new office. Then me and the boys took him to Cheddars.
Thank you Usborne Books and More for keeping my kiddo entertained through lunch! :)

That night we ate fried tacos and homemade Oreo Cheesecake with family!
Recipe Here
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!! I hope 30 is one to remember! :)

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