My Family

My Family

Monday, May 28, 2018

Fun on the FARM!

One of my favorites from the weekend! ;)

Wow, this weekend was a blast! We had so much fun in Kansas visiting my grandparents and entertaining the boys with tractors, horses, jungle gyms, 4 wheelers, pools and family! 

We left Friday afternoon and arrived around dinner time. We mainly hung out inside and chatted with family before putting the boys to bed that night. 

Saturday we explored the farm!
We met the horses and even got to help with feeding them, we got to sit on a tractor, we went into town and got to see a museum that my grandma contributed to, we hung out at the splash pad and played on the local playground, we had dinner with family and wrapped up the day with 4-wheeler rides. 

Sunday was filled with family!
We went to church that morning then came back to the farm for lunch and nap times. When Brooks got up from his nap we hung out in the baby pools with my cousins baby, then lots of family came over for a picnic for my cousin’s birthday. Thank you to all my family members who helped entertain my crazy kiddos! A big shoutout to my Aunt Lorri who was there all weekend loving on my kiddos and helping them try new things! 

Monday was filled with making memories that made us never want to leave!


Swinging with GiGi

4-wheeler rides

Pool time!

A ride in the BIG tractor with Brooks’s new favorite person, Ruthanne! 

And a ride on Cricket! Again, thank you Ruthanne for spoiling my kiddo!

We had so much fun visiting the farm and getting spoiled by GiGi and Great Grandpa! I have SO many memories on the farm and I’m so thankful that my kids will too!!

Brooks is currently telling me all about the tractors he saw on the farm...

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