My Family

My Family

Sunday, April 29, 2018

April Date Nights

We were slackers this month! Haha! We did have a family vacation so I don’t really feel like we were slackers, but we only had 2 official dates this month. Here we go...

April 5th: This was a fun one and props to Trevor. I am not that comfortable shooting guns. We didn’t grow up with them in our home, so they are foreign objects to me. However, Trevor thinks it’s important that I learn to shoot and that I’m comfortable with a gun, plus I wouldn’t mind being more comfortable with one just in case. So, Trevor made a makeshift target and we had some fun!

April 12th: We were leaving for FL on the 13th, so we didn’t have a date night. We were running around like crazy people getting everything packed. Haha! However, the night before we had some popcorn and watch Seinfeld.

April 19th: We were in Florida. Thankfully, Trevor’s family took the boys and gave me and Trevor an evening to ourselves. We ended up just going to dinner, hanging out way too long at the restaurant (with an amazing view)  and just talking. It was absolutely what we needed! 

April 26th: Does anyone other than me sometimes feel like you need a vacation after your vacation! Ha! I am SO thankful for vacations, but it takes me a week to get everything back to normal and situated! Plus, both babies got sick the day we got back from vacation, so everything was put on hold for a few days and we had some sleepless, Trevor got in the car at 4am to drive Rhett around one night to try to get him to go to sleep! So, when Thursday rolled around, Trevor and I crawled into bed right after both boys went to bed and we slept!

We did make up for it on the 28th. We played Wahoo outside on our front porch and then cuddled up under a blanket under the stars. It was so nice and relaxing!

How on earth is it already almost May?! Time... please SLOW DOWN!

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