My Family

My Family

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Florida 2018

This past week we were in Destin, Florida for a family vacation. Trevor’s dad decided to get married on April 15th in Destin, so we decided to make it a week long vacation too. 

We had such a great time. I love introducing Brooks to new things and seeing him in new environments. One of my favorite parts of the week was watching him play in the sand. 

We left on Friday evening, yes, the 13th. It felt like a Friday the 13th. Haha. We drove through crazy rain and hail, we had tornadoes surrounding us and the wind was horrible. But, somehow we made good timing. We arrived in Florida 13 hours later around 7am. Thankfully the boys did great in the car and slept the majority of the night. 

On Saturday we met up with Trevor’s mom, stepdad and grandma and we went to see my nephews, went to lunch, got to see my nephew play ball, checked into our house and relaxed. After we got all settled in at the house we went to dinner at Crab Trap. 

Sunday was dedicated to the wedding. CONGRATULATIONS Bobby and Regina! Trevor’s dad and fiancĂ© rented a house right on the beach that had the perfect setup for a wedding. Trevor was the officiant so we had a little run through that afternoon before the 4 o’clock wedding. 

Perfect view 



Shoutout to Trevor! He did an AMAZING job. I have a feeling it won’t be his last wedding. 

I love these sweet babies!

Smiley Rhett!

I’m so lucky! ;)

On Monday Trevor went deep sea fishing with a bunch of men on the trip, so I took advantage of a shopping day!

These two were troopers! And my in-laws were such a big help so I could actually shop some. 

Funny story...this little stinker peed through his diaper all over his clothes (and all over my mother-in-law) while we were shopping. Thankfully we happened to be in Oshkosh and just got him this cute new outfit!

That evening we went to the pool!

It would not be a vacation without an ice cream stop!

Tuesday was a BEACH DAY!

Rhett is such a chill baby. He hung out with us under the umbrellas most of the week and loved being outside. 

Strutin’ like he owns the place. 

That night we went to Hairy T’s for dinner. Brooks decided he wanted my hat and wouldn’t give it back. Haha!

Wednesday was another BEACH DAY!

He loved playing with his buckets and shovels. 

All I can say is I’m Dutch! Haha! I was seriously not in the sun that long and this happened so quickly!

That night for dinner we made tacos. Brooks makes a pretty good sous chef!

Thursday was FAMILY DAY! We rented bikes and this tag along thing and rode up and down the beach, to lunch and back to Trevor’s dad’s house. The boys LOVED it!

At one point Rhett fell asleep and we were a little worried about his neck, so I wore him for part of the ride. 


That evening Trevor’s mom and stepdad took the boys with them to watch my nephew, Wyatt play ball. So, Trevor and I got a date night. We went to dinner at Captain Dave’s, took our time eating had a great view and great conversation. 


How did Friday get here so quickly! Trevor wanted to get a couple things shopping, then we went to lunch with Trevor’s brother and kiddos. We hit up the splash pad before heading home for naps!

Brooks really only enjoyed it if I was holding him running through it. He would laugh and have a great time until I tried to put him down. He would freak out and start screaming. So, I committed to getting wet and we had a fun time!

After naps we biked back over to Trevor’s dad’s house to get some pictures on the beach. 


I love this sweet family of mine! ;)

3 generations!

You know we biked to get more ice cream before heading back home to eat dinner and pack. 

Brothers and babies!

This was such a fun week! We loved hanging out with family, spending quality time with our kiddos and nephews, getting some beach time and getting to be a part of Trevor’s dad’s wedding. We are so thankful for Trevor’s mom, stepdad and grandma for their endless help with the boys all week. Now it’s time for the long trek home with two littles. 

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