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My Family

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Scarves Made Easy

Scarves are always a good gift to give around the holiday season! And it's even better if the scarf is one of a kind! Here is a VERY easy step by step tutorial! I promise, it's doesn't get any easier! 

Supplies needed:
*1 yard of fabric - I like using knit because it's soft and stretchy
*Sewing machine + thread
*Sewing pins

*Cut your fabric to 60in x 22in (you can choose any length/width you want, this just gave me the size I liked)!

*Fold right sides facing and pin just along the long edge. 

*Sew pinned edge together 

*Flip the fabric right side out

*Pin the two openings of the tube right side together. Match the seam up first and then go from there. Pin as far as you can, and then sew as far as you can. It will probably leave about a 3in opening that you will have to hand stitch. 
Loving my new scarf!!! Now, it's time to make some for others!! ;) 

Happy Sewing!!!

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