My Family

My Family

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Five Christmases

It's just like the movies...except 1 more! Trevor and I keep ourselves pretty busy all year long, but Christmas time gets especially busy. We have actually gotten to see all of our family during the holiday season every year that we have been married. This year was no different! It is such a blessing that we live so close to family and are able to celebrate with everyone.

1. Our celebrations started on Friday, December 19th. Trevor's step-brother Tyler and his wife Lauren were going to be out of town when we normally celebrate with his family, so we had a taco night and celebrated with them that night. 

2. We had a little break to finish Christmas shopping and get everything wrapped before our next celebration. On Christmas Eve we celebrated with Trevor's dad side of the family. We went to his grandmamas and played games, opened presents and ate lunch together. 

I had to head out kind of quickly after lunch because I was singing in the Christmas Eve services. I was so thankful to be a part of that this year. It was so uplifting and just a great reminder of the reason for the season! #lifechurchba

3. Our 3rd celebration was Christmas morning at Trevor's mom's house. Vanessa made a breakfast casserole and we had mimosas and cinnamon rolls. After breakfast we opened presents and then headed to Trevor's grandmas to see more family. 

4. After the celebration with Trevor's mom's side of the family, we headed home because we were making Christmas dinner for my family. Trevor was going to smoke a turkey and I was going to do the sides.  
First Wes came oven and we battled it out on the ping pong table. Then my parents came over and we played some games and opened presents. 

The turkey took a little longer than expected, thank goodness for this yummy appetizer! (recipe here)

After gifts we had dinner: turkey, green bean casserole, stuffing, gravy, cream corn and yummy cheddar bay biscuits! 

First time to make Christmas dinner and I'd say it was a success!! Then we went to the movies. We saw Unbroken and it was amazing! I definitely recommend it!

5. The next morning we headed to Kansas to see my extended family for our last and final Christmas. 

It was definitely chilly there!!!

We even brought Whiskey so he could play!
We arrived just in time for dinner on Friday. On Saturday we ate lunch with the whole family, opened presents and then on to most people's favorite part...the gag gifts! I swear there are more gag gifts under the tree than regular gifts! Trevor ended up with stuff that he actually needed and I ended up with some tasty goodies and this sweatshirt...
I'm sure it will come in handy for a tacky Christmas sweater party!!

We are now home and about to pack all our Christmas stuff up!! What a great year!! 
Thank you to everyone who we got to see for making this Christmas so wonderful! We loved spending time with you all!

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